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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 11/19

I saw this question somewhere else this morning and I am stealing it...

How often do you and DH say I love you?  Do you wish he would say it more?
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Re: QOTD 11/19

  • I don't really keep track.  It probably averages around once per day.  We don't want to "oversay" it, so it usually ends up being random.  He knows I love him, I know he loves me; we don't need to say it every time we talk or leave the house. 

  • We probably say it once a day, or sometimes every other day depending on how busy we are. But we always hug, kiss, talk, etc. I know he loves me. I don't need to hear it every hour of every day.
  • We say it all the damn time, LOL. Usually it substitutes for "Goodbye" or "Good night"; i.e. "I'm going to the store now, love you." Frequently it's a punchline, too. Like one of us will say something completely geeky or random, and the other one will respond with it. I.e. "So, what did you do while I was out?" "Watched a bunch of old Care Bears cartoons on Netflix." "...I love you."
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  • We say it at least once a day. 
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  • We say it a good bit. I say it whenever the mood strikes and he always responds with it. I'd say  5-10 times a day probably. 
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  • probably 4 or 5 times a day...

    -when we leave for work in the morning
    -when he texts me to say he is coming to see me for lunch
    -when i'm leaving work and heading home
    -when he is leaving work and heading home
    -when we go to bed
  • I don't really keep up with it...like pp we use it as bye etc. ...I'm gone, love you! Etc. Then there are some days we don't even see each other awake...we don't overkill it. Its normal for us. Anytime we hang up or say bye we say it as well as at other random times.

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  • We say it all the time and I love it.  We will just randomly say it. 
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  • A lot, ha. I used to be worried about over-saying it, but it hasn't gotten to a point yet where it feels like we're saying it without thinking about it, if that makes sense, ha, so I'm okay with it. But I'd say we probably each say it like three or four times a day-- leaving for the day, leaving work (we usually Gmail chat each other throughout the day), and then going to bed, and then sometimes once or twice more.
  • We say it randomly, and often. I suspect that won't change.

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  • H & I are like pockysquirrel we say it all the time and especially for random stupid things one of us will do. Like when I accidentally walk into something and get a new bruise - H just says "I love you". lol I don't think we could ever over use it.

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  • We say it very often.  Probably 10 times throughout the day.  My favorite is when we'll just be sitting together on the couch or eating dinner and he'll just look at me and say "I love you" for no other reason but to say it.  I love that.
  • Several times a day. by text, phone and in person.  It always makes me smile when I haven't heard from him in a while and a random "I love you so much" pops up on my phone.

    I got my first one today at 11:19am :-)
  • We say it a TON...somehow we got in the habit too of saying it everytime we're getting off the phone with each other. But I love it!
  • a lot.  whenever one of us leaves, whenever we hang up the phone with each other, before bed, randomly whenever, in text msgs.  allll the time.
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  • We also say it probably once or so a day.  We don't use it as a greeting or to say goodbye, just random times during the day.  I think we say it enough but sometimes I wish he would say it more even though I know he does love me.  I think it is because his family doesn't say it to each other, ever, so its harder for him to say it.
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  • Maybe 1-2 times a day. He's the more emotional one of the two of us, so he initiates more often.
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  • All day long. When we leaves for work, anytime we get off the phone, randomly when we are home or together, and before bed. It is like our "bye" or "goodnight". It is usually "Love you, bye". We say it so much that we sometimes say it to others we talk to on the phone. He has said it to his guy friends a few times...its hilarious!
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