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Must have photo list

How specific were you / are you on your must have photo list for the photographer. I feel like I am being too specific. I wrote down all the family photos that I wanted (broken down by each shot) but then just said bridal portraits, pictures of the couple, ceremony photos, and then the locations around the venue we would like to take photos at (not specific to the shots). Plus I also wrote down the names of the family members, and bridal party. Is this too much info or am I still missing some things?
How much detial did you give your photographer?
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Re: Must have photo list

  • I think that sounds good. Honestly, among the (many) things I'm starting to second-guess, wishing I'd been a little more specific about photos is one of htem.
  • sounds good.  does your photog have a second shooter?  if not i really suggest you delegate a friend or family member to help them corral everyone for their group shots.  as a photographer myself its so frustratingto juggle my equipment, look at a shot list AND yell out names.
  • yes my photographer has a second shooter. We plan on doing family shots immediately after the ceremony and have the officiant to announce family to stick around before going into the reception for photos. So everyone should be right there for the photos which hopefully will help.
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  • I gave my photographer a very detailed list and she said thats what she wanted. As a photographer I think it was great for her to have the names and just call up the people as she was taking the shots. I was not as particular about actual shots that I wanted of the wedding party and Husband/Me, but I wish I would have been more specific!

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    My photographer is a kid that graduated from high school alongside my son. I gave him a few ideas - and the one I REALLY wanted, we didn't get. That is as much our fault, H was so flipping excited I barely got any pictures with him! LOL I did tell him he had to a) make me look good and b) make sure that there were TONS of pictures of my family that were there. That is what I so very much wanted to remember - all my wonderful guests :)

    ETA: we don't have our CD yet, the pic in my sig is a cell pic from a guest
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  • I think you should be as specific as possible.  I find that most good vendors want as much detail as you can give so that they can deliver exactly what you want.  I gave my photographer a specific list (two pages long) and directed her to my pinterest page so that she can see all the inspiration pictures that I would like to recreate.
  • I tried to be specific, but I just ended up telling her to look at my pinterest.
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  • I just gave him the names of wedding party and family. I had one pose I wanted but other than that I let him do his thing, figuring he is the professional and that was one less thing I had to worry about!
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  • I actually was not very specific and I did not want to be.  I gave a couple family combos we wanted to get that were not in their typical standard formal portraits they normally do.  We told them we did not want to spend more than 15 mins max doing family portraits.  For some people, they really want a lot of those so it's really important for them...but we don't like that so we told them not to.  

    We hired a creative, super artistic type of photographer so we wanted to let him shine and let him do his thing and not restrict him.  We trusted him to get the important stuff...pretty sure you don't need to tell them to get stuff like your first kiss, first dance, and stuff like that...I would hope that they are already getting those important shots without you having to tell them to.   In our contract, it actually says that he does not operate using a complete shot list and cannot guarantee that he will get to shoot everything on your list, simply due to the nature of his style of photography - it's more artistic and non-posed. 

    So I guess it depends on your photographer though.  Maybe ask them and see if they want something really specific from you or not.  I think it can vary from photographer to photographer.
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  • My photographer sned me a list of the must have photos he takes... the only one that completly did not get taken was DH's (then fi's) face when I came down the aisle... we only had the one camera man... so he go the flower girl (he missed one GRR) ring bearer, BM and MOH then Me and my dad, but missed TOms face when he saw me...

    we did the first look photo so I got his first expression of him seeing me (that was priceless)... but still would have like to have the main photo of his reaction to me walking down the aisle...

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