make up emergency :(

Ok – so there was some misunderstanding with the girl who was supposed to be coming to my house to do my wedding make up … and… well that’s not going to happen anymore (long story). SO I need to som how find someone else who can do my make-up and some of my BMs or just suck it up and do it myself. With less than 2 weeks notice. Awesome.  Im going to contact everyone on the vendor listing .. but thought I’d see if anyone knows someone else they could recommend that could come to my house to do my  make up and my BMs.


Re: make up emergency :(

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    Crap, that sucks. I don't have any suggestions, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

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    That really sucks...

    I would try to talk to people at MAC/Sephora as well and see if you could all go in and get it done for a fee.  Who knows, they might be willing to have someone come to you as well.
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    I am no help here, but I wanted to send some good vibes your way!!

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    Hey Danielle, I just emailed you, we will get you out of this mess! So don' worry!! Check your email and get back to me!! Jessica
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    We got ours done at the Bobbi Brown and Clinique counters at the mall. We made the appointments the week of. I know that's not someone coming to you but it worked out well!

    Hope it helps!
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    I have a friend who might be able to help out! Email or PM me for her details!


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    Thanks for all the good vibes ladies! I was able to find someone available who did a friends wedding, so i'm good to go!

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    I highly recommend Hope Whittier who did my make up. I've recommended her to 5 brides so far and everyone's been happy. She works at Dior and will come to the house. If you are interested, send me a message and I'll give you her phone#.
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