Married! :) And vendor reviews

Hi everyone!

Got hitched over a week ago at Olowalu Plantation Estate on Maui! yahoo!!!! Everything was unbelievably gorgeous, we had the time of our lives! Honeymooned on Kauai, which was amazing!  And now settling into our married lives...

I haven't posted much but I did read this board a lot during the planning stages, so just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the great suggestions, ideas and sharing on here.

Since everything is so fresh in my mind (and I am avoiding doing some laundry), I thought I'd share my two cents. The planning got overwhelming, stressful and so time consuimg so I went with a coordinator.  Excellent decision and I highly recommend it.  I was able to relax, still give plenty of opinions and make plenty of decisions.  All in all, we had excellent vendors- it all went really smoothly so almost all A+ across the board!  Probably because my coordinator did all the hard work! ;)  Feel free to send any questions my way!

Here's a quick recap of the vendors:

*Belle Destination Weddings & Events
We worked with Lena and she is awesome!  We clicked from the beginning and she is so worth what we paid for her services. I did look into a few other coordinators and was not impressed and did not "click" with them as I did with Lena. 

She is an excellent communicator, quick to respond/easily reached, always on top of my changes, very personable and sweet, shared great ideas with me, helped cut our budget when needed, understood my "wedding visions" and brought them to reality, she even got a stain out of my dress just before I walked down the aisle. The wedding party loved her too. 

Gourmet Events Hawaii
We chose not to work with this vendor. They weren't our style , they were definitely working on island time and although they were pleasant and friendly, it just never felt "right" to me when I talked with them. 

*Olowalu Plantation Estate
A+ for beauty & space | C for early stages communication
Gorgeous venue!! Exactly what we wanted for our "backyard" wedding in Maui. Like others have said- even more beautiful in person. Interiors are incredibly restored too!  I'd live here in a heartbeat.

In the early stages - booking a date, asking questions about contract, etc - they were difficult to get in touch with.  C- for service  I suppose it was worth it!

*Maui Executive Catering
Food tasted delicious and was presented beautifully!  Professional service.  Had passed appetizers and the servers were kind enough to go out of their way so I could sample some- without me asking - so nice!  Accomodated several different child meal  selections and served them earlier than the rest to keep them happy.  Accomodated guests with food allergies and a vegan- everyone was happy! 
Also, they use fresh, local and mostly organic foods!  We live in San Francisco and are spoiled here - the meals were top notch and again- so beautifullly presented!  I made a point to eat my entire dinner as I always here that the bride/groom don't eat - we did!

*Garnish Events
AWESOME bar service. We made room in our budget specifcally so we could include this pricey option - but it really helped set the mood we desired and was  memorable. Delicious cocktails and gorgeous presentation!  We had 3 signature beautiful, tasty cocktails, beer, wine and whiskey.  They use all fresh squeezed juices in their cocktails, flower garnishes, those cute paper swirly straws, vintage-esque glassware. (We overbought alcohol and took it back to our friends' condo) . I loved everything and wanted to take home their stuff! Service was excellent too. After the ceremony a server walked quite far with a tray of cocktails to where we were all having family photos taken. He patiently waited for us to finish some photos to serve us.  I really want one of the blueberry mojitos right now.

Maui Makeup Artistry
Liz Javelosa
A | Makeup
B | Hair

Liz was great- super sweet, fun and timely. She came to my hotel room to do the Hair and Makeup. Loved the makeup and lashes application. I haven't seen professional photos yet but the ones friends have taken - makeup was great. I didn't want to look overdone and didn't want to look washed out. I think it will be perfect.

The hair was maybe my fault as I didn't show her photos, I just described what I wanted. I described it as beachy waves and wanted it 1/2 pulled back. She seemed to understand - her curls that day was exactly the curl I wanted.  I thought it was a pretty hairstyle- many girls would love that look. It didn't look like "me" so I ended up recurling pieces of it and taking down one side so it was a little more relaxed. I would have asked her to redo it- I'm sure she would have been fine with that but we were running a tad late and I wanted to get to the venue - stat!

Bella Blooms
I gave Lena (at Belle Destination) the list of flowers I loved, a photo of my "dream bouquet," photos of tabletop flower arrangements that I wanted (several smaller arrangements of mismatching heights and vessels) and it all was perfect! I had to cut down as my flowers were quite expensive. It was still plentitiful and I could have cut back more. Gorgeous flower arrangements!

Gorgeous hotel, rooms and pools.  Upon check-in I gave the clerk a bag of SF chocolates as a treat and told  him why were visiting. He was so nice in return too and gave us a few champagne coupons, 2 spa day use coupons and a coupon for an app and bottle of champagne!! Awesome! 

Great pool area for kids, separate from the "adult" pool. Fun grotto bar, great pool scene. Umulau food and drinks were great but pricey (probably like everywhere else).

Duke's Restaurant
Had our "rehearsal dinner" here for our 48 guests.  My MIL did the planning for this but I think she had great communication with staff.   We had a pre-set meal to choose from. Everyone's meals arrived at nearly the same time. It was delicious and beautiful and festive!

Star Noodle
Absolutely delicious meal -possibly the best meal we had the entire trip!  A big group of us went the night after the wedding for dinner. We were blown away. It's a must-try!!

*Linens & Escort Cards
Fabulous Mother-in-law sewed all the napkins!! I chose 6 different fabrics in the same pinks/coral hues. Each table had a different napkin. The escort cards had a circle of their corresponding napkin fabric. Super cute! 

*Fabric Ribbons
Matched the napkin fabrics. Easy to do - just cut a slice into the fabric and tear lengthwise. The ribbons were tied to the sides of the chairs lining the aisle and to the back of bride/groom chairs. Approx 48in in length.

*OOT Bags
Again fabulous MIL did these. She printed a program of events and cute labels. Included: maui potato chips, homemade cookies, chocolate mac kisses, POG juice, Maui coffee. Guests appreciated these and were pleasantly surprised. Only issue was trying to "drop" them into guests' rooms. Some hotels weren't open to this so  we handed them out at our Welcome Mai Tai party at their condo.

I think that wraps it all up! :)  Best of luck to all the brides-to-be!!!
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Re: Married! :) And vendor reviews

  • Whoops-- here is one more review!

    DJ Dan
    He was super! He found/played all of our requested songs. Kept a good party going, didn't do a lot of extra talking- just enough to MC the night. Had a wireless mic to bring around to the toasts. Great job!

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  • Thanks for your review and congratulations on getting married!

    I especially like the items you included in your OOT bags, that they had nice touches of Maui to them. I've been worried about dropping them off at the various hotels and condos, but I like your idea of dropping them off at our welcome dinner the night before if we need to.
  • Congrats on your big day! Star Noodle is one of our favorite restaurants on the island! I agree, a definite must try! And not really for the noodles, but the small plates! Mmm. And yay! You brought Ghirardelli chocolates?! I just went to the factory store earlier this week to pick some up for our new wedding planner as a gift. Good idea on giving them to the checkin clerk! Nice touch. :
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  • Congrats!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

    Do you mind to share with me how much you spent on each item, such as the rentals? I'm planning to have a wedding there, but I'm sooooo worried about the total expense. Please PM me if you don't feel comfortable to post here. Thank you again for your time and help. 
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