Personalized Ribbon

Anyone know a good website to buy personalized ribbon from?  I need some to tie on my favors.  I want it to say our names and wedding date.

Re: Personalized Ribbon

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    I got mine off of ebay they were the cheapest.

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    There's actually a really fairly easy way to make this, if you can't find what you want:

    Go to Staples or the craft store and pick up Iron on Transfer paper.
    Then go pick up whatever ribbon you want - this way you're not limited in any way.
    Make up a table in Word or whatever program you're using, with the text repeating across the page.
    Print out on the iron on page according to package directions.
    Cut into rows, and if necessary, units of words, if you want to only have the personalization on the end of a bow, for example.
    Iron onto ribbon according to package directions.

    This way you can space it however you need to, use whatever colours you want, and whatever ribbon you want. It might be *slightly* more expensive, but I find the customization options more than worth it.
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