Photographer and Videographer recommendation for Portland area

Hi, we just started planning our wedding in July 211. We are selecting photographer and videographer for our wedding and we clueless on how to find them that fits our price range. I've called a couple photographers that have basic packages starting above $1200. Is this what we should expect? Or will I be able to work with them and tailor the final price to ourwedding? The guest count should be 80-100, and shoot time for about 5 hours I believe.

Our budget is under $1000 for photographer and another $1000 for videographer. Do you have any recommendations for us?
Appreciate any advice!

Re: Photographer and Videographer recommendation for Portland area

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    I don't know about the videographer, but we loved our photographer and thought he was really reasonably priced. We get so many compliments on the pictures he took. His website is www.michaelhacker.com

    Edited to add: It looks like he offers 5 hours for $900, and that includes his wife and him shooting, and you get the rights to the pictures as well as the pics on CD
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    Just my opinion, but I think your budget is pretty low for photography.  We used Kate Kelly, and she did an incredible job.
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    I would nix the videography and put all your money into your photos.  Then, have a friend or relative use their own video camera to record your wedding or set up a stationary camera in the back to record it.  It is awesome to have the video, but I think your budget for the two is just too small and you'll end up sacrificing quality and being unhappy with both.
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    Thank you all for the great advice! So is it better use great photographer that is about $2000 rather than splitting it between a photographer and videographer?

    Also when selecting a photographer what are things should I look for? Photo edits, album books, copyrights?

    Very much appreciate your inputs!
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    Definitely put the money towards photography over videography.  I've seen their work/ seen them in action and would highly recommend any of the following photographers:

    Craig Mitchelldyer
    Chris Beccara
    Bryan Rupp
    Alicia Dickerson
    Kate Kelly

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    Powers Studios end of story! :)
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    I also think you should put all the money towards the photographer. I think of it like I'll look at my wedding photos everyday for the rest of my life and might watch my wedding video once a year at most.

    I would recommend BJ Enright - http://bjenright.com/ - His style is very similar to Bryan Rupp and Powers Studios, and he does incredible work!
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    have you checked out thepros.com? They offer a beginning package for $2000 that includes photographer (8 hours), videographer (8 hours), and DJ (4 hours). We ended up booking with them because the quality cannot be beat at the price range. We were originally only going for a DJ and photographer, but the videographer was only a couple hundred more.
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    I would be more willing to put in money for a good photographer than for videography. I'd rather look at pictures, have prints in my house, or have a nice album to look at, than look at the video. Also, a starting price of $1200 is pretty normal for good photographers. I recommend Craig Mitchelldyer as well. He did our photos and did an amazing job. He's very nice and skillful and super fast too. We got a CD with our proofs just days after the wedding!

    Other people I know in the area are Deyla Huss, Brian Rupp and Christina Gilchrist. 
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    My friend Velvet is an AMAZING photographer. She's does everything and is well versed in wedding photography. Her websites is www.vphotography1.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">www.Vphotography1.blogspot.com give her a look. Her prcies are really good too.

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    Have you booked your DJ yet?  Bust-A-Move DJs
    offers an "Ultimate Package" which includes a video montage of your event.  That could be a an option for video that would be affordable.

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