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The weather here sucks right now! It's pouring and doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. The streets are flooded. It's just wet, cold and feeling miserable.  I am so ready to be in Maui.  I am so glad that we are under the two month mark for our planning trip there, but it's also not soon enough.

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    I was just looking out my office window thinking the exact same thing - it's so dark and wet and cold. Yuck. We leave in 8 days, and it can't come soon enough! I hope your next two months fly by!
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    Ladies, I too was thinking the same thing earlier :-) Anytime the weather here is yucky or I am stressed I think about going to Maui and being on a sunny beach with a mai tai....

    Sara, so happy & excited for you!! Kimmy, the 2 months will fly especially with the holidays!!
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    I definitely agree.  We got 6 inches of snow last night with more in the forecast.

    Congratulations Sara on your upcoming day!  It is so close now.  You must be excited!
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    Congrats Sara, you are so close.
    Kimmy, thinking the same here and on top of it just getting over the flu. 
    We hit 200 days today and FI and I keep texting it back and forth.  Ok silly but the weather is bad, we've been sick and it keeps us going. :')
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    Kimmy, I'm so jealous! I wish I could justify a planning trip but with eloping, I guess there's no reason for it. Booo
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    you mean you don't enjoy this weather?!?!  Kidding!  This is miserable - I want to go back! Fortunately for you, with the holidays at our doorstep those 2 months should fly by! Smile
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    Yikes! I kinda feel bad that I live in California, right now. =X It has been cold, but hasn't rained in a couple days...

    Nonetheless, very excited for everyone's planning trip and upcoming weddings on Maui! My FBIL's friend just got married at Aulani today! He said the resort is beautiful!!! I would love to visit...
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    I am ridiculously jealous.  Le sigh.
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    For all of you that got Maui'd!!!! :) , we are newly engaged and are at the VERY early stages of planning. 

    Can you offer any location, time of year, planning advise for our Maui wedding?  We are thinking about May 2013...


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