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Horrible Vendor Experience!!!!

Hello Fellow Brides,

I just had one of the worse vendor experiences ever that I have to share with you. I was looking for a DJ for my upcoming wedding and had the misfortune of hiring The DJay Company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. So I booked with them and was promised I could pick my own DJ, which I did. I find out 3 months before my wedding, from a third party, that the DJ I selected quit. The owner, Jay didn't inform me at all and instead of calling me and giving me another option of DJ he writes himself in to play my wedding. No offense but he really wasn't the style of DJ I would want. When I confronted him about my disappointment with his behavior, he got extremely rude with me. Even called my mother. Eventually I selected another one of his DJs because I could not afford to break the contract and lose my deposit. This time he fires the DJ and STILL doesn't tell me. This is all 2 months before my wedding. I finally decided to terminate his services and lost my deposit but as we all know with all the stress of the wedding who needs some shady DJ making it worse. TOTAL UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Find another vendor ladies.

Re: Horrible Vendor Experience!!!!

  • mctlongmctlong member
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    Thats awful. He should've given you your deopsit back since he's technically the one who broke the contract because he's unable to provide the DJ promised.
  • cocotte126cocotte126 member
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    Thanks for the post! I was thinking about considering them for my wedding (since I constantly receive emails from them), but now I will probably think twice...
  • jwdeldottojwdeldotto member
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    thx for sharing...been looking for DJ/Live band...will stay away from them.
  • joysyearjoysyear member
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    Wow That's horrible, glad you posted I'll be sure to never use them
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