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Destination Wedding Questions

Hello all! My fiance and I are getting married in Mexico in November, 2012.
We are not going to have dancing after the ceremony, just pictures, cocktails and dinner... all on the beach. :) Their will be about 20 people there all together. We will have a sound system playing music while we take pictures and eat, however, we are not having a dance floor or anything of that nature. I would still like to do the first dance w/ my fiance... right there on the beach... I just don't know if it would seem a little cheesy and lame... since we aren't having dancing other than that... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Also, for those of you who have, or know someone who has had a destination wedding, what did you do after the wedding? Since we are not having a reception, after we are done w/ pictures, cake, eating, etc. I am trying to figure out what we can do. We are getting married @ Dreams Villamagna in Mexico.  I have talked w/ my wedding coordinator, and it doesnt sound like their is much at the hotel in terms of music and dancing... We would have to take a cab into puerto vallarta if we wanted to partake in that sort of thing, and I just don't know if I want to have to leave the resort on our wedding night!

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone and have a great day. :)


Re: Destination Wedding Questions

  • Hey Savannah!
    I think I have pretty much the same situation going on. I'm getting married in Puerto Vallarta at the Hard Rock Hotel on October 12, 2012. I also have a total of 20 people. My ceremony is at the beach at 4pm, then I have a cocktail hour at 5 and dinner at 6:30. We don't really have plans for after dinner, I'm gonna wait till I get there to decide on that, I know our hotel has a bar w/ music and some shows too. We are doing our first dance during cocktail hour (no dance floor) and playing some music hoping people will dance (we have a fun group so I'm sure it will be great). I don't think it's cheesy at all! It's your wedding, you can do whatever you want! And the pictures will be gorgeous too :)
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  • We did that for our reception, and it turned out great!  We did have a mariachi band, some photo props (different lips, mustaches and things like that on a stick) and lounge furniture in addition to the regular dinner tables, so it was a casual lounge-y vibe. :)

    The mariachi band was there right at the start of cocktail hour for 45 minutes, and they were really fun!  Once they were done, the buffet opened up, and we started our background music (played on our iPod and Bose).  After everyone was done eating, we had more cocktails, toasts and just hung out. 

    As for the first dance, we did have one song mixed into our playlist specifically for that, so once it started playing, we just got up and danced off to the side.  It made for some amazing pictures and wasn't awkward. 

    We decided to play it by ear if we wanted to head out to a club afterwards or not.  Nearly everyone actually ended up jumping in the pool, so everyone who was still ready to party showered and changed and met in the hotel bar where we did karaoke for a bit, and then a small group of us headed off to a bar/club outside of the resort for an hour or so and were still back in our room by 11pm.  It was perfect. : ) 

    HTH! Good luck!
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    I don't think it's cheesy at all!  I am hoping to have dancing at my reception and am probably going to get a DJ if it's in the budget or just bring an ipod doc if it comes to that...my reception will end early and then i plan to head to the resort bar with any guests that want to join us to continue the party...I may even keep my wedding gown on all night!
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  • Im getting married in the Bahamas on 10-20-12 and our ceremony is at 4pm followed by a mini cocktail reception.  Afterwards, we are going to the restaurant on the resort that we are staying at.  The resort also have a nightclub so thats where we will end up at for the rest of the night we also have a small crowd coming with us but, hey, we'll make the best of it.  It's funny because before the dinner with our guest, we also have a dinner on the beach with just me and my fiance so it seems like we'll be eating alot!  But I suggest you go with the flow and try not to worry too much about it but I do hope you get everything you want for your wedding, congrats!!
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