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I found The Dress this weekend, and just wanted to highly recommend Amanda's Bridal and Tux in Arvada.  I'm thrilled of course because I found the dress of my dreams, but also because the consultant (Leah) was so sweet and helpful, the selection was huge and check it out! prices are reasonable.  If you're still shopping definitely

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    Both of my daughters found their dress at Amanda's with Leah's help. We love her. My oldest was married in Sept of 2010 and my youngest will get married in June of 2012. We ordered the dress and it is in and ready for the first fitting - yay! We also found the Bridesmaid dresses there as well. Everything has gone incredibly smoothly for two weddings! Love the place and Leah!!
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    I found my dress at Amanda's, they were so helpful and even though the one I purchased was above my price range, I didn't feel pressured to buy it.  Great place!!
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    I also got my dress at Amanda's.
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    I am going dress shopping with my daughter on Monday.  Planning on D'Anelli's in the morning and Amanda's in the afternoon.  Hopefully she'll find something!
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    i found "the dress" at d'anelli's, but a dress at amandas was a close second.  both shops were awesome.

    good luck!
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    [QUOTE]i found "the dress" at d'anelli's, but a dress at amandas was a close second.  both shops were awesome. good luck!
    Posted by arrabelle[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>This exact same thing happened to me as well! The consultants at both locations were so helpful and helped me so much trying to figure out what I was looking for since I went into it having no idea!

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    I loved Amanda's. Ended up not getting my dress there, but we are looking at getting the bridesmaid dresses there. They are so friendly and nice.
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