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week day vs. weekend.

FI and I are looking at getting married on 11-12-13, it's cute and quirkey, but it's a Tuesday. Soooo... before we call the venue and pay for it we really wanna weigh the pros and cons of a tuesday wedding vs. a weekend wedding.

We already know that we will save some money on the venue having it on Tuesday.
The venue is about 40 mins North of where we live.

Please, help me out here. Why should we or should we not have it on Tuesday 11-12-13?

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Re: week day vs. weekend.

  • Are the majority of your guests in or out of town? Airfares for weekday travel are typically higher, and people aren't as inclined to take off multiple days of work off, so if most of your family is OOT, you might want to talk to them first and see if they can come.  In town it's much less of a problem.
        You are likely to have a shorter reception as many people may need to leave early for school/work the next day.
       I'd talk to your VIP guest list and see what they have to say.
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  • MOST of the guests will be from here in town but I do have some family coming from florida and ohio. I guess I do perfer the reception to go on all night, haha. So that's something else. :/ I love the quirkey date though. Grr.
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  • Also, I just saw this on Chit Chat. Cross-posting is fine, but please put XP in the title of the post so people know.
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  • I love cute dates, but if you want a raging party I think that will be difficult to achieve on a Tuesday. If we were invited to an OOT wedding on a Tuesday, I don't think there is any way to make that work. 

    I wouldn't do it on a weekday. But almost all of our guests will be traveling to the wedding, so it just doesn't make sense to put them in that position. 

    I think there's at least one other bride on here with that date... so it's possible. What do your parents/family/close friends think? Honestly all of my friends' and family weddings have been Saturdays thus far, so I just have never experienced a weekday wedding. Tons of people do have them, it's just about balancing what you want. The signifiant date, or a bigger party?

    In the end, your anniversary is going to become such an important date in your life, in some ways I think it's neat that an ordinary date suddenly becomes your own little holiday!

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