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Help a Texan...

I'm going to Salt Lake the first week in April for a convention. Is there usually still snow at that time? What should I expect weather-wise?

Thanks :)

Re: Help a Texan...

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    Haha, I wish I could be helpful with this one, but the only thing that is consistent about Utah weather is that it's unpredictable.  Usually by April you just have rain, but it has gotten cold enough in my lifetime that it has snowed as late as June.  We've had a pretty mild season this year, so I'm going to bet that there won't be snow, but probably some rain, depending on how late in April you come.  Just make sure to bring a warm jacket (because we start wearing shorts around here when it gets above 50 degrees, lol) just in case if you are used to hot weather.
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    There will still be snow at the resorts, so if you want to sneak in some skiing, you should be able to do so.  Other than that, Carlydl is right--there's no saying if there will be rain, sun, or snow here in the city.  Just check weather.com before you head out, and be sure to pack your jacket.  If March is warm, you might be getting here right as the trees begin to blossom.
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    Hopefully not snow... we sometimes will get a big storm throughout the month but it any snow it brings tends to melt right away! It will probably be pretty consistent staying between 50 to 60 degrees as a high! As for whether it will be sunny, rainy, windy or snowy like the other girl said, Utah is super bi-polar! Could be all of those things in one day! 
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