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Pictures at the Arch?

We have tossed the idea of getting some photos done at Busch and have been talking about the Arch, anyone have any experience with that?  We went down and took a look, there are a couple of spots that our limo could buzz right over to and we could hop out at.  I know that in the month of June there will most likely be a lot of tourists walking around in that area. 

Re: Pictures at the Arch?

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    Yes there will probably be a lot of people around downtown in June, especially if its on a Saturday. Remember if your wanting to take pictures at Busch, if there's a game going, forget it. You will never get the pictures that you want. I also wanted to get pictures down there, but I didn't want to have to fight the public to try and get a few good pictures. Instead we took some of our engagement pictures at the Arch in the middle of the week when there wasn't a lot going on.

    Have you thought about going to some places in Forest Park? Its a bigger area and people are more spread out, which makes for better photo ops. I was in my cousins wedding last fall and they got some AMAZING pictures over my The Muny.

    Just some food for though.
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    just keep in mind that lots of people do their pictures in forest park and you have to wait your turn which can add lots of time for your photographer, so that could mean more money. there is also tower grove park which is off of 44. the park is really pretty and has lots of different spots for gorgeuos pics. thats actaully where i am leaning towards. but st louis has tons of little city parks that all have good picture spots.
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    For pictures inside Busch, you have to pay, so that is something to consider.  One picture that I saw at a bridal show, was taken on game day and the bride and groom were kissing in the middle of the street with all the fans in the background waiting to cross the street.  It was an amazing picture, so if you're in to that stuff, and there is a game on that day, it might be an option. 

    But to answer your original question, we are getting pictures taken at Busch and at the arch, but we're getting married in March, so there may not be as many tourists.
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    You can also do pictures on the bridge looking over the main entrance at Busch- I saw someone's photos that did that on a game day and it was really cool.
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    Tourists are one thing at the Arch, but it's crazy busy there with wedding parties, so you might have to play the waitng game to get your shots in.  If you're willing, then go for it!  I'm not sure if Busch Stadium is worth it; pay to get in on a non-game day and you are only allowed a certain amount of time, crowds if there is a game, game day traffic, and parking. 

    Forrest park is huge!  There are so many ins and outs there, you are boud to get some awesome pictures there.  Of course there may be a back up in some the hot spots there for bridal shots, but you could always avoid those.

    We shot at Lafayette Park, and loved it!  It was fairly busy on our day (wedding ceremony and 3 other wedding parties came to shoot).  Lafayette Square is right there for some good shots there add maybe even get some fun shots in an alley. 
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    We looked at getting pictures done at Busch and then I read their requirements.  You can't go on a game day, it's 150 bucks for a half hour and you are only allowed onto the track.  You can get in the dugout, on the dugout and onto the track and that's as far onto the field as you can go.  If I'm paying five bucks a minute for pictures, you better be letting me go wherever the heck I want.  LOL  Something to consider if you're still looking at Busch.
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