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Piano Rental

Hi gals :)

My fiance and I are having our wedding ceremony at The 100th Bomb Group next April. We asked about using the piano they have there for someone to play for us, and the coordinator stated we would have to pay to have the paino tuned before and after the ceremony, which she said is pricy... Not wanting to go that route, we are looking to possibly rent a piano... anyone ever done this??

The only company I can find is called A thru Z Complete Piano Service out of Valley View... anyone ever used them? Do they have good prices? Have you rented elsewhere and received a good quote? We are on a pretty tight budget, and I really don't want someone playing guitar as I walk down the aisle (my future MIL's option), but it's looking that way...

Help! Allison :)
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Re: Piano Rental

  • I would recommend calling around to piano tuners to get their prices. This way you can find out if the tuner is more expensive then renting a piano. If you don't have a piano player already lined up, call around for prices on that. Some professional piano players have electronic piano's that sound like the real thing that they can bring with them. Then you don't have to deal with the tuner or rental company.
  • IMO, that seems kinda ridiculous that you would need to have it tuned both before and after  using it for a 30 min ceremony. But, whatever.

    As for piano tuners, we used Gerry Paluck for our piano at home and he does a great job. He was recommended by a friend of my husband's. It has been a couple years since we've had him come out, but IIRC it was somewhere between $100-150 for a tuning? Knowing you'd have to get 2 tunings done, perhaps he (or anyone else you might use) would cut you a price break? Worth asking!
    http://www.gerrythetuner.com/ is his info if you want it.

    Another tuner in the area is Kerry Kean in Kent.
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