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SW VA Tazewell County: Rural Life Frustrations

Don't get me wrong--I love where I live. The mountains are beautiful, the people are friendly, life is relaxed.

But at this point, planning a wedding seems impossible-- I feel like I have zero resources!

The biggest frustration right now is that I literally have no idea where we could hold the ceremony* or reception.

Well, that's not *entirely* true--I'm just not overly thrilled with the thought renting out the floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled American Legion hall in town.

(*We're opting out of the church ceremony: My FI and most of our families are unchurched. Unfortunately, that also elimates a major potential venue--the church!)

Is there anyone else here from Southwest Virginia or even Southern West Virginia? Or is the entire internet really just catered to city-dwellers?

Re: SW VA Tazewell County: Rural Life Frustrations

  • Avion22Avion22
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    I know what you mean!  I have an ex-boyfriend whose extended family lives in Tazewell county, and I spent plenty of long weekends there.  Yes, it is DEFINITELY a beautiful area.  But I know what you mean about not many venues!

    Since it's so beautiful outside, could you maybe do an outdoor wedding?  The mountains would make a beautiful backdrop.  For the reception, you could go with outside again (tent maybe?) or perhaps there is a hotel or B&B in the area that has a room big enough to do a reception?  If you're stuck with the American Legion Hall, maybe you could hang some fabric on the walls, use christmas lights, etc to make it look nicer. 
  • CvilleClaireCvilleClaire
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    Here in Charlottesville, we love barn weddings!  There are a few people who charge quite a bit to rent out their barns!  Granted, these aren't working barns...just there for hay storage or something along those lines.  :)
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    Hi Ginger -

    My ex's family is from Tazewell and I lived in Bapsist Valley for several years. Have you considered the buildings at Crab Orchard? The museum has some hall space in the building with all the old farm vehicles. I think Pisgah Church (the little white church across the road from the Museum) will let you do nondemominational weddings there. There are also so really pretty older houses in the area. You may want to see if you could use one for your ceremony. There is also Burke's Garden. You would probably have to find a family that would let you use their property but it would be worth the asking. I will look thru pictures adt home and see if I can come up with anything else. PM anytime.

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    Thanks for the feedback, y'all :)

    @ Avion & CC -- I'm definitely a fan the ideas of both outdoors/tents and barns (and combinations of the two!)-- that seem like the sort of direction I'm going to move towards.

    @SP -- Crab Orchard did vaguely cross my mind as a potential option, but it didn't grab me right off the bat. Burkes Garden is a really great suggestion, thank you! I'm definitely going to look more into that possibility.

    Thanks again! :D
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    I know exactly what you're going through! We're from Giles County, and while there are a million churches where we could have the ceremony, there are almost NO venue sites that aren't at least 30+ minutes away and have everything we're looking for.

    Have you considered having a reception outside? Depending on the time of the year, there's really something special about having a reception under a beautiful tent with the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia in the background :)
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    small world.....we are from giles as well. Giles has a ton of wonderful outside reception places. The New River is a great place to use. We are using Glen Alton! (I've always wanted to get married there!)

    Tazewell: Outside receptions are the best!  Yes to rent everything isn't cheap but its totally worth it! Anything near a body of water is so pretty! Overlooks, farms, etc

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