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This is my second wedding. And his first. I;m scared my life will end up the same as last time " Being Alone all the time"  He states it won't be like that. Not sure. My ex wanted the divorce 4 years ago. and I getting married in August 2012. we are doing a church wedding and a reception of 150 people. He yhought i wanted it and I know he's the one that wants it.  Should I feel this way/

Re: feelings

  • Perhaps you could clarify, because from what you have written, I can't understand what it is you are feeling and what it is you are questioning. ~Donna
  • Sounds like your getting cold feet, I think you need to discuss your concerns with your FI.
  • First things first with most of us 2nd time brides we get cold feet. Just remember he is not your ex and things will be different. 

    Next you need to talk to your FI if he is planning a wedding you do not want. It is only February so your STD's and Invites should not have been sent out yet. If you want a smaller wedding let him know and compromise. This day is for both of you and if you can not compromise now imagine how the next 50 years will be. 

    I would also recommend going into premarital counseling. 
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  • I'm a little confused about the things you threw in about the wedding.  So I'll skip that.

    But, this much I know.  We can create our own hell (or heaven).  If you are feeling negative about what the future may bring and that feeling nags you without a break, you may be creating a negative future for yourself.

    If the bad feelings are fleeting, then don't sweat it.  This too, shall pass.
  • I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. I know he's doing this for me. I love him for that.  Sorry for all the mix up from one sentance to another. I seem to have a problem with that.
    Thanks for the advice

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