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I am in a perdicament. I went into a shop in hershey, not planning on buying a gown, and I ended up finding this beautiful sample gown that was for sale. Feeling the pressure of a great deal and the possiblity of someone else buying it if I took time to think about it, I decided to buy the gown on the spot. That night I went to bed and started freaking out, I had this gown in my closet that I realized I didn't want to wear down the aisle. It's a beautiful designer gown, but it's just not my gown. The problem is that the money just isn't there for me to buy another one until the first one is sold. I have to sell this dress. I'v had no hits on e-bay, which is very depressing. Though, I can't blame someone for wanting to be able to try the gown on first. I'm at a loss as to what to do... If anyone is interested the gown is a size 12 (fits me, a size 10 jean), no alterations have been made. The gown is an off white satin w/white lace over it. I'm trying to sell it for about $700, price is negotiable & if you want to try it on arrangements can be made.

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    I ran into the same issue.  I bought a dress that I though I was happy with and then it turns out my dream dress was discontinued and suddenly became affordable for me.  I posted my dress on this site It costs $25 to post the dress for the entire year.  I found that this site gets many more hits than ebay and my dress was actually pulled from Ebay because they have an agreement with Alfred Angleo that they will not sell their products.

    I hope this helps!
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