Just wondering if you have been to see Fr. Mick yet, and if so, if you have any advice for prep that I/we should do before we see him?

How's your prep going? :)


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    We saw him last Saturday.  He'll need your marriage prep course done first, and make sure you've already given/sent him baptismal certificates.  

    Also, you should know who is in your wedding party and who you will have to do the readings - 3-4 people (old testament, new testament, and prayers of intercession (you can have 2 do this if you'd like), and think about who you'd like to bring up the gifts.  We are having the dads do the gifts and the moms each doing a reading, and one sibling from each side doing the intercession prayers.

    Then he'll schedule the rehearsal - he always suggests the Thursday night before instead of the Friday, have each of you separately answer some questions (just saying you are going into the marriage freely, etc., nothing scary), and then you can ask him all you want.

    Just ask him lots - he knows the answers to everything.  You should get a book in your marriage prep course with all the readings and prayers to select from but he doesn't need that until a about 2 months before.  I think he needs the marriage license about 6 weeks before (they are good for 90 days), and at that point he'll do all that stuff with you.  He suggests wedding programs, and run them by him before you print them in bulk.  

    He said he has 32 weddings this year already, mostly between July-October, so see if there are any other weddings that day, because he may not be the one doing it if there are two - I'm sure you can request him though.

    Planning is good, next step is decor (linen rentals), and invitations.  How is your stuff going?
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    My stuff is going ok...I am definitely behind (as usual!) Right now I am trying to book us into a marriage course, but it's tricky b/c my FI doesn't live here, so either I have to fly there, or he has to fly here, and some courses you have to do them over two separate weekends....hectic!

    I still haven't picked my BM dresses......did you pick it for them, or did you let them pick, or give them guidance, or what? We have tried on a bunch, and I really like one of them, but they prefer another one because it is more of a party dress, but the one I like is more formal.....what do you think?
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    Yes - definitely do a weekend course then - ask ring_pop maybe - I know she got married in a Catholic church but I'm not sure the format of hers.  Also, check out the catholic wedding board - there may be some Canadians around there as well.

    Yes - the girls picked their BM dress.  I picked the colour - navy, and we knew we were going to use ones from the Dessy Collection, so I sent them a link to all the dessy dresses in that colour.  They picked a few they liked, but ultimately, we just went to the store and the girl pulled a few dresses.

    They tried them on until they narrowed down what they liked and disliked (you could tell from the look on their faces immediately, although they were trying to be nice and say they loved them all, lol), and they eventually all picked the same one (I gave them the option of all wearing different dresses in the same colour, or even the same dress in differently colours) as their favorite.  So we just ordered 4 of the same dresses, which they will accessorize quite differently according to their own tastes.  I used The Dressroom on the Danforth and they were very helpful there.  They came in way ahead of when they said they would and the girls have all picked them up already.

    IMO, I think the girls should be comfortable in their dresses, and I feel like mine are doing so much for me, so I was really open to whatever dress they picked.  I love it, they love it, its all good.  
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