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Wondering if anyone had/has hired one, if you'd recommend it, what you liked or didn't like about it and how much I can expect to pay for a service like this.

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  • I would expect to pay anywhere from $1,300-2,000 for this service.  I hired Carolyn Arthurs at All About Events and she was great a picking up my wedding the month of and coordinating all of my vendors to make sure my day went smoothly.  I also paid a little bit extra so I could consult with her through the planning process to get her advice, but I made all of the calls myself.

    I think the most important thing when hiring a day of coordinator is to be clear with them on what you expect them to do.  Some of them truly see their role as just coordinating the vendors to make sure they all show up on time and do their job, which means that they won't do things like decorate all of your tables for you.  You may need to hire extra help to do that.
  • I hired Lulanne Alexander with weddingsbylulu.com. Her packages start at $875. She is absolutely amazing and you can read my vendor review on her that is a few posts before your post. Her coordination and assistance was worth every penny!
  • Regardless of who you choose, the answer is YES I think it is completely worth it and I would go as far as to say it is almost necessary for an OOT bride. Even if I wasn't having a DW I would have at least needed my venue to have an awesome coordinator who could step into that role. There is no way I could have, or our mothers, successfully managed that day in addition to decorating the reception, without any issues. No way I would have even attempted it. It was this layer of security and comfort to wake up on your wedding day and know the only thing you truly have to deal with is getting ready. MIL tried to tell me in the very beginning of planning that we could do it all ourselves, and I told I know full well that I am capable of doing it, but I am not going to do that to myself or to you for the weekend of my wedding. Nope. I used Kelly Sherlock for my somewhere in between month of coordinator and full planner. Like louisianablue, I paid extra to have access to her throughout the entire process for feedback, guidance, hotel blocks, and keeping me on schedule. Worth every penny.
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    I hired Lu (www.weddingsbylulu.com) for full planning and it has been the absolute best decision I've made.  Personally, day of coordination wouldn't have been enough assistance for me but it depends on your needs.  With full planning, she has been a part of selecting all of my vendors and been there every step of the way in decision making so I feel totally confident the actual wedding day will go smoothly.  And I love having unlimited access to her advice and suggestions.  She is such a part of my planning and brain-storming I feel like she understands the full picture I have for my wedding even when I can't quite describe it.

    I'm not sure what her charge is for Day Of Coordination but I'm sure it's reasonable since her full planning fee was very affordable.  Me and my parents are sure she's already saved us more than her fee.  Love her!
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