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Visiting a Bunch of Venues in Saratoga/Schenectady and Troy (possibly Albany) any suggestions are ap

Hi Everyone!

I'm visiting a bunch of venues in Saratoga/Schenectady and Troy next weekend and have no clue what to ask people! Most have sent me pricing and I've done my best at narrowing down to places I think that would best represent us and the type of wedding we would like to have... at the moment however our guest list is growing out of control!  Does anyone have tips on negotiating?  We already have 178 ppl. on the list and that's not including parents invites! Ahhhhhhh!

Re: Visiting a Bunch of Venues in Saratoga/Schenectady and Troy (possibly Albany) any suggestions are ap

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    I would say think about your vision, colors, themes and see if they match the decor and feel of the venue. Make sure the venue can fit 200 ppl since your list is growing. Negotiate the menu to lower the price - appetizer stations versus passed hors d'eourves. GL!
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    I agree guest list grow out of control quick.  You have to remember it is your day and you can invite who you want and cut who you want.  There is a really cute place in troy or actually i think is is hoosick.  It is called the Carousel.  I think it only hold 150 ppl though. 
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    The Century House in Latham holds a lot of ppl...and the ballroom is gorgeous. Though, it is quite pricy. Also check out Michael's Banquet House.

    Ask how many ppl the venue can accommodate, also ask about children's menu pricing and pricing for those under the age of 21.

    A lot of times, if they know you're on a budget, they'll be willing to work with you. Marge at The Century House was willing to cut the price for us considerably, however it was still out of our price range. If your heart is set on a place, or if they're a top runner...let them know! If it's a difference between booking a date or leaving it open, they'll be willing to compromise a bit.

    Good luck!
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    Saratoga has some beautiful places including the Hall of Springs and the Gideon Putnam.  I know the museum of dance also allows events.  Near Schenectady is a place called Glen Sanders Mansion- I went to a Saturday morning wedding here and it was beautiful- especially the cocktail hour space.  In Albany there are a lot of spaces that you could use, depending on what type of feel you are looking for.  I really think that the Desmond Hotel is pretty.  There is also Riverstone Manor in Glenville, but I'm not sure how many people it fits.
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    In terms of negotiating, I know that hall of spring and glen sanders have a website where they have dates that are at a discounted rate.  i forget what it is, but i'll research and see if i can find it again. 
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    The Hall of Springs in Saratoga, definatly. I think they can host up to 350 people in their ballroom! It is exceptionally gorgeous, and the people there are amazing to work with. We are getting married there next June :-)
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    Wow thanks everyone!  We have about 9 places lined up so I know it's going to be a crazy couple of days for us. 

    I've been looking at dream dates but the don't release dates until 6 months beforehand... so I'm hoping we can negotiate a similar price.

    We've actually worked on our list and are trying to bring it down to below 150....

    Thanks so much and congrats to your all!
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    I was married at the Glen Sanders Mansion and loved it! It was 6 years ago this July. They often have an upscale on sale deal. We had an amazing wedding at a great price because it happened to be one of the dates left out of the summer. We worked with Maria and she was great. Though I am not sure if she still works there.

    We looked at the Desmond, which also was amazing. Though at the time they were having renovations and could not say if they would be finished in time.
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