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Question about my Bridal Shower? Help! lol

Ok so I have a stupid question... my bridal shower is this Sunday and it's from 3-5pm... when exactly should I show up? Am I supposed to be there right away to welcome guests or should I come right at 3? when it starts or a little late to make an entrance?? LOL

I have no clue what the "proper" thing is... help me out guys!!

Also- am I supposed to have a gift for the hostess? (My MOH?) Man, I'm clueless! Embarassed

Re: Question about my Bridal Shower? Help! lol

  • vsgalvsgal member
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    I showed up at my shower at the time listed on the invitation.  I didn't want to stand around if I was early and I did not want to make people wait on me because I was late.

    Yes, you should bring a hostess gift.
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    My shower was from 1:00-4:00 and I asked when I should be there. My mom and my WP all told me to show up right at 1:00 which is what I did. It worked out perfectly, because mostly everyone was already there, and once I got there, they were able to begin.

    If anything, please be on time, they can't start the party without the bride!
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    Oh and regarding gifts for your hostess, that's always a great idea. I gave my shower hosts a little gift basket with goodies from bath & body works thanking them for my shower, and now I hope they will enjoy theirs.

    If you're on a strict budget, a nice handwritten card or some flowers, chocolates, bottle of wine, etc.. will be a great thank you.
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    Ok thanks!! I'm not planning on being late... I just didn't want to be the first one there and look stupid! LOL

    I already thought of a perfect present for her. YAY! :-)
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    I went about 30 min. early to mine- but my FSIL invited me over early to 'taste the mojitos' she was mixing up for the shower. I was glad to go a little early- it was the only chance I got to have a drink and a little snack from her spread. I was so busy talking to everyone the time just flew by.
    I also gave her my Thank You gift and card before the shower and she put it in the back room so it didn't get mixed up with the other gifts.

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    I would just show up whenever the host(s) tells you to be there :) Have fun!
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    Maria, my party is also Sunday! Woo! I'm stoked!

    My hostess told me the party starts at 1, but I'm going to show up maybe just 10 minutes early because I want to give the hostesses their gifts. See the post I just put up today about the gifts!!
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