Wedding Woes


We tried a new(to us) Vietnamese restaurant last night called Pho Real. The food was all fantastic.

I have leftover duck stew for lunch today. It looked just like the picture on the menu:

DK got Pho with 5 different cuts of beef , which was also excellent. He made a new BFF in the owner - they had a 15 minute conversation about different kinds of hot sauce when he went up to pay.

I got their "Thai-style dessert"  too, and I want more. I have no clue what all was in it - different kinds of jelly/jello-like bite, dragonfruit, and ice milk/cream?. it was pretty.

it was cheap too. i have a feeling this is going to be a regular dinner spot for us.

Re: WFL?

  • Love the name of the restaurant.   :)  The pho with 5 different cuts of beef sounds nummy.   And the desert looks good!!

    I had awful leftover lasagna (store bought frozen stuff I made on Wednesday night.)  I ended up spitting out my 3rd or 4th bite and throwing it away.   So I had baby carrots to hopefully tide me over for a while.

  • subway. it was lackluster.
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  • a TV dinner. I'm totally bummed because H made me two lunches and I forgot both of them and now I am stuck with yucky food instead of chicken with veggies or creole.

  • Petrified cold pizza.  Bleh
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  • I had refried beans and raw mushrooms.  Tonight should be better.  We are going to an international food thing on campus.  I hope a race riot doesn't break out like on Community.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • I had McDonald's around 2pm. 

    DefConn and I went on a little adventure to my job.  He was an angel while we were there.

    But, I timed it all wrong and he screamed the whole way home because he was hungry.  Poor guy. 
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