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August 2012 Weddings

Would it be weird...

if our STD's didn't match our wedding?

Starting in June I'm going to actually start my DIY projects.  Which means putting the templates together that I haven't already started, gathering supplies, and making things.  We're also taking our e-pics in Central Park & the NYC subway in June or July.  I've been looking on Etsy at STD's and I really wanna do something fun, bold, and modern.  But our wedding is like a "breezy," laid back feel.  Like cool and natural.

Chris and I have both personalities- fun, crazy, and outgoing as well as laid back, chill, and flowy.  I want all my wedding paper to match each other EXCEPT my STD's, which I want to be a little more fun. When I was having a beach wedding we were going to write it in the sand, take a pic, and make postcards.  Now that we're not, I have no plans...

So.  Would it be weird to make STD's like this...

...if our invites will look something like this??

(ignore whited out spaces- don't want our info on the internetz... and this will be refined and re-worded - i did a quick mock-up in Paint/Ppt since I'm on a school comp. and have no Photoshop here- just so I could show you ladies what I have in mind)

Re: Would it be weird...

  • Another quick mock-up of what an STD might look like (we'd do a back with more info. as well, and stretch out the date- something you can't do on PPT or Paint- I need my Photoshop!!)

  • I don't think it's weird at all! we're not planning on matching, either. I like the top one! (I'm also a huge fan of yellow lol). But the blue one is super cute, too!
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  • I don't think it's weird at all!! The long blue one is really cute!!!
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  • I don't think so at all - especially with more and more people doing photo STDs I think its much harder to "match" that to invites. I like the top one better, but the blue is also nice. Vistaprint has a lot of options (and if you sign up you get free stuff!). Someone on a board I read did theirs through Vistaprint using 5 separate orders or something so she just had to pay shipping for each.

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  • Yea ditto Vistaprint for this sort of thing LOL I love them.

    Jacqui, I don't think it would be weird if they don't match. To me, it's just an announcement and doesn't have to match your formal invite. I ended up ordering my STD's through Vista Print and they don't match in any way to the invites I am using. I feel like the two STD's you have listed above are fun and modern but also very relaxed and natural - just like you said your wedding will be. ;)

    Hope this helps, you will have to let us know what you decide on!
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  • As long as the general color scheme matches, like it does in all those examples, I think it would work great!
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  • Thanks for your input & reassurance ladies!  I feel a lot better about having different STD's now that I'm "knottie approved," haha.
  • We should get a stamp.

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  • Hahahaha love it!!
  • I agree. I know I'm late to the game. I keep posting replies and they dont show up until 2 days later?! So weird. I'm having knot issues er

    also I do NOT think thats weird at all, in fact I think its pretty common. Esp. since a lot of people do photos/magnets/ etc.. they don't always match.

    Ps.i love that first STD you had. Where is the template from?
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  • If you didn't have your picture (ie just text and a graphic) it might seem a bit weird. However, if you are planning on having a photo from your engagement session and that is the focal point then I think you can do whatever you want. If you are concerned, maybe try to tie the same colours in, but even that i don't think is necessary.
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