Just bought my wedding dress!!

h everyone, i have to share my excitement wit you all.

so i'm in Toronto from Vancouver for a week to plan the majority of my wedding that will be at the Royal Ambassador in Caledon. while here, i went dress "shopping" (the intent was not to buy one but to get ideas). yesterday i went to Chris and Tina's bridal boutique in parkway mall on Pharmacy and Ellesmere in Scarborough with my mom. we looked through the catalogue, chose 5 "fit and flare" dresses to try on with one specifically in mind. I tried on the first dress and LOVED it!! my mother also LOVED it!! and i LOVED the price as it came up under my budget by $200.

i did not bother try on another dress and bought it. my wedding dress shopping is DONE. it's kinda sad not to try on more dresses but also a relief that i can move on to other stuff and not have to try on dress after dress, getting confused. i'm not a picky bride

I love my dress and cannot wait to wear it sept 1, 2013!!

just had to share my happiness with you all. amd btw, I TOTALLY miss Toronto :(

Re: Just bought my wedding dress!!

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