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AHR and Save the Dates?

First off, a thank you. I was so on the fence with DW vs traditional, and all you ladies convinced me DW was the way to go. So THANK YOU. Truly, you have no idea. I’m SO much happier since I gave up the big huge shebang wedding. Thank you for convincing me it is doable.  Next, my question. My stepmother is adamant we need STDs sent out for our AHR. Did anyone else do this? How did you word them?
I’m worried about people thinking it’s the actual WEDDING vs. just a reception. Personally, I think it’s not that important to send them out for what is essentially just a party, but she’s footing the bill for the entire AHR so she gets quite a bit of say. Any advice on how to make it clear that this is a party vs. a wedding on a relatively small piece of paper? I want to DIY but most are template-set for a wedding and I’m a little lost. Thanks! :)

Re: AHR and Save the Dates?

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