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Monday check in

Hello!  I have been forgetting to do this!

I am still stuck at 129 but I think I have lost a couple inches from working out.  I am hoping to still lose 4-5 pounds in the next month.  We'll see.  I am motivated to keep my calories at about 1200 and work out 4x/week. 

How are you all doing?
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Re: Monday check in

  • I'm staying on track with calories, surprisingly. I thought I went off majorly this weekend (with being sick, I sort of was just eating whatever sounded good), but I entered it all into myfitnesspal this morning and was actually still below on Saturday and Sunday and not too far over on Friday. Working out will definitely be suffering this week as I'll be lucky if I can manage to throw together some dinner before I collapse when I get home.
  • ahah... ahahahahha... on track! omg i refuse to get on the scale right now because it'll be bad LOL. I'm such a stress eater, and I've been stressed lately. Thankfully I'm pretty much maintaining my current weight, but I'm not losing it. Sadness. And my skin just decided to say, hey- we're breaking out in some kind of weird exzema right around your eyes! enjoy! thank goodness for heavy makeup, smoothing slips and fluffy dresses to make me look fab on the wedding day! ha!!
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  • I've been bad lately...I think?  I haven't been working out and I've been eating okay-ish.  I need to really get back into my workouts because I've been soooo tired lately.  Need natural energy!
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