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Veil or No veil?

With the outdoor wedding and getting married on the green of the golf course am trying to decide whether to have a veil or not.  I have seen it go well with some but awful with others due to wind.  What are others doing?

Re: Veil or No veil?

  • It's entirely up to you. I don't think I'm going to do a veil, but more because it doesn't look right with my dress. I think I'm going to opt for a fancy hair piece instead.
  • Ultimately, it is up to you. I originally didn't want one, but my consultant and family reminded me that this was the one day that I could ever wear a veil ever, so I decided on a a single layered elbow-length veil. I had no problems with wind since the beading on the veil tended to weigh it down some.
  • I watched many youtube beah weddings with the veil flapping all over the place. It makes for a great distraction, but it is about choice.  My veil was chosen before I took my wedding to the beach and it is vintage birdcage...but I'm still not sure if I am wearing it.  My peronal opinion, I love the long veil flowing in the breeze--BEAUTIFUL
  • My daughter was married outside and was also unsure.  She bought the veil and decided if it was windy she just wouldn't wear it.  It turned out to be not windy, so she wore the veil for the ceremony and then took it off for the reception.
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  • I am right on the ocean for our ceremony so wind was definitely a concern for me, originally I wasn't going with a veil, but after some pressure I decided to at least try some on with my dress to make SURE I didn't want one.  Once they were on my head I realized how much I loved the veil with the dress and I bout a single layer veil with beading around the edges.  The beading will help weigh it down, the salesgirl also said to spray the heck out of the veil with hairspray before the ceremony and it will help keep it from flapping in the breeze!

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  • I too debated this, but in the end I made my decision not about how it would look or feel in the wind/outdoors, but on whether or not I wanted a veil at all.  I decided I didn't want one, and I'm happy with that.  I think if you want one, you should have one, worst case scenario is that you take it off earlier than planned.
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  • I'm getting married on the water, and I was concerned about wind being an issue as well. I decided to go with a birdcage viel, and have it a little off my face so even if it is windy, I won't have to worry about it blowing all over my face.
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  • Beach wedding - Birdcage veil coming to just above my top lip.
  • Our ceremony will be outdoors at a golf club also, (in the New Hampshire mountains).  I am still trying to decide the veil or no veil situation also.  If I do wear one, it will be for the ceremony only, and then take it off for the reception.  I really llke the hair clips with flowers, etc.  I suppose it will depend on the dress--which I haven't purchsed yet, (just starting to try some on recently).
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  • As a future bride and past bridal consultant, the main thing to look for in a veil for an outside wedding is weight.  If the veil has crystals or other heavy trim on the edge, it will have less of an opportunity to moved in a stray gust.  As for the blusher to cover your face going down the aisle,  they run cheap, like 20 dollars. if there is any wind at all, I wouldn't recommend it, but can be done w/ a small pin stuck thru to the back veil and just non-chalantly pull the pin out right before he lifts the blusher. not the best, but it works.  Really long cathedral veils can be pinned at the edge to your dress to prevent and fluttering away or again, heavy trims.
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