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NH Postal woes (vent alert!)

I am, as they say, "going postal" right now. Cry

We mailed our invitations 11 days ago. My parents have already received about two dozen replies...but they still haven't even received their invitations! Most people reported getting them 2-3 days after we sent, which I imagine is normal.

But NO ONE in NH has received their invites yet. Guests in Mass, Maine, and Vermont have all received, but not NH. Guests in California, Michigan, Oregon...EVERYONE has gotten theirs, but our 28 guests living in NH have not.

What is going on? I am really going to lose it. That's 15 invitations that were, shall we say, not cheap. And neither was the postage. I double checked addresses and zips in my spreadsheet and all were correct. We weighed envelopes before sending, so the postage was correct.

What is happening? I'm so upset. We only have like 3 extras. UGH.

Re: NH Postal woes (vent alert!)

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    We had issues with delivery: we mailed 7/16 and  i've already received like 15 responses back (as of mail today) - and my parents in MA just got theirs today! 

    My aunt (their neighbors) got hers right away, so I can't say it was a NH or MA mail problem. Just odd.

    Hope they all get theirs soon!
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    Yep, we mailed on 7/16 too! Maybe this means my parents will get theirs today and I can stop stressing. :-)
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    I live in Derry and our mails is ALWAYS LATE!  I never get anything on time.  Weeks after the post marked date.  Thank god for online banking.
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    Yeah, I haven't received a lot of RSVP's back either.  Very frustrating.  Looks like I'm going to have to start contacting people at the end of August to see if they got their invitation.

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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:101Discussion:c9129dff-7ec9-4a46-a8be-7413c154fd12Post:301b684a-c8b0-4ebf-ad21-7b575fc2f3ab">Re: NH Postal woes (vent alert!)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Yeah, I haven't received a lot of RSVP's back either.  Very frustrating.  Looks like I'm going to have to start contacting people at the end of August to see if they got their invitation.
    Posted by JennLaura[/QUOTE]

    THIS--exactly!  We mailed 113 invites on July 5th and still have not heard from about 70 of's drivng me crazy.  Why is it so hard to just check off and return a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope??  Arggggh!
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    We've actually gotten lots of RSVPs so far, that's part of what's so funny about the fact that my parents' invite was still missing...until yesterday it finally arrived! Also heard from a friend in Manchester who received hers, but her roommate's is still missing in the world.

    I find it hilarious that this is a NH-specific problem. Once I realized it was slow I started pinging people on their invites when I talked to them, and friends in every other part of the country got theirs right away. But NH? Nope!

    Hopefully since they've started arriving this means I can stop worrying that they are lost for good.
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    I live in MA and didn't have a huge problem, but I did get people out of state who recieved their invites before people who lived in my town, and next town over! I am not sure how the postal system works these days but, crazy! I am sure they will get there in time, just a later than expected, so I hope your guests who know they aren't coming will RSVP right away!

    With us, we had all the people who werent coming wait til the very end to rsvp! (very annoying since we could have invited other people!!)
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    I distribute the mail to employees inside my company and the post office has been REALLY late giving us some of our mail lately. I'm guessing they are short-staffed due to people taking vacations?
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    I sent all of my invites out yesterday morning  in Derry and someone got their's TODAY in Merrimack. Did someone complain to the local USPS for me to get such good service?
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