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1st Look Question

We are definately going to do one...

Who else is or has....

and where are you thinking of doing it...

i cant decide if I want to do it at my moms house where I will be getting ready with most of the girls

or go to the hotel were he will be getting ready and we will be staying after the receptions...

or at Aria where we are getting married and having the reception???

Any ideas, other options, opinions on it???

Thanks ladies

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Re: 1st Look Question

  • We're both getting ready at separate locations, and then we're going to meet up at the venue.  I asked him how he wanted to do it, and he said he wanted me to come down the stairs with his back to me at first, then turn around as I turn the corner on the stairs.  I'm really excited for it!



  • We did one and it was the best decision we ever made.  H said it was the best part of the whole day when he first saw me.  We did it at our venue (ceremony and reception were the same place).  We got ready seperately at the venue and then our photographer set him up outside in a small more private area (we didn't want family/friends watching us) and he had to stay turned around until I tapped his shoulder.  The photographer came and got me and told me to go up behind him and tap him when I wanted him to turn around.
  • We did a First Look right where we were going to take the rest of our pictures at the Seaport (did them all ahead of time). That way we had plenty of time to enjoy cocktail hour, etc.  Then the limos met us there and took us to the Church.
  • We did a first look and it was great. Between that and our family/party pictures, we got to spend about 3 hours together before the ceremony. He's my rock, so it definitely helped with my nerves.

    Have your First Look where ever you think you'll be most comfortable, and get the best pictures. 
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