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Package Deals

I am trying to plan my wedding on a budget (as are most on this site) so i am looking for a place that can give me a good package deal. I heard of The Wedding Center in Commack. I saw them at a bridal show and they seemed nice and had GREAT packages. I came online and they have some pretty scary reviews. Are there any places out there that offer package deals that dont have as many "scam artist" reviews??? The Wedding Center was offering packages that included invites, photo, video, limo, flowers and tuxes


Re: Package Deals

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    Steer clear of The Wedding Center, we won a "free" cruise from them at an expo and it was the biggest scam. Their basically a wedding factory, and none of their stuff was really very nice IMHO.

    I know the Brentwood Country Club does an all-inclusive wedding for 100 people for like 10000.00 I think, and I've heard it's very nice. All you need are the gowns and tuxes. HTH.

    And if not, we did everything on a budget too, and I'm sure you can make anything fit yours, if you work at it. I DIY'd all the invites, bridal party gifts and bought a lot on my own on sale, which brought our cost down.
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    I would assume the Brentwood CC only offers that if it's your venue right? We have already booked our venue and they do not offer packages like that.
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    I agree with Anabeth.  They're very pushy and SCARY over there.  Not worth it.
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    Yes, BCC only does the all inclusive including the wedding. You didn't say you had a venue so I suggested the best deal I know of that's not a scam.

    If you've already got a venue, most things will be a la carte, no one other then BCC does an all-inclusive that I know of. And most other places that will offer one aren't worth your time. You can work with some of your vendors to include extras that eliminate the need for other vendors. For example, we used Tommy's Tunes and booked a package that included Zap Shots, so they included a photographer. I know you can work with them and get the photographer for longer for not much extra, and for much less then you'd pay for a photographer separately.

    And to reiterate what I said above, DIY whatever you can. Do your own flowers and invites. Vista Print is an amazing resource (vistaprint-goddess.weebly.com is a great blog by a friend of mine) with FREE wedding supplies you can get, just paying for the shipping. So is Michaels, signup for weekly coupons and go get stuff at 40% off. Ikea is awesome too. You can get frames (table #'s), vases, flowers, decor items, candles, etc. for dirt cheap.
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