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After reading a few posts today about venues I thought it'd be cool to hear about/see pics of everyone's venues. Where are you and your FI getting married?

Our wedding is going to be at the Purple Orchid Inn (click). The ceremony is in a rose garden, cocktail hour is around a gorgeous stone pool/waterfall, and the reception area is set in the middle of an olive orchard. It was on the show 'Hotel Impossible' a few months ago; new owners bought the place out last year and they really needed to turn around the Inn's reputation(and definitely have!) We love it!
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Re: Venues!

  • i live in livermore and never heard of it lol. congrats though, im moving back east so will be getting married there.
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    [QUOTE]i live in livermore and never heard of it lol. congrats though, im moving back east so will be getting married there.
    Posted by southerncutie[/QUOTE]

    How funny, me too! I only found out about it maybe last year when I was trying to find a day spa. And then I saw it for the first time when we were looking at venues. It's off of Tesla past Garre and all of the other wineries in that area.
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  • oooo ok yep i know that area im more towards the dollar tree on 1st. i love richards crafts tho i found sale stuff lil organza bags in diff colors for 88 cnts for 12 pack
  • I love sharing! Here is a picture of mine!

    and upclose

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  • Here is mine!

    I had NEVER heard about it till my mom found it online - I saw the pictures online and DID NOT want to see it, but my mom forced me. I actually made an appointment to see it one day and decided to just skip it but my mom said I had to see it.

    It was GORGEOUS. I feel in love as SOON as I saw it. They had just done renovations the previous summer but had not put any of the new pictures on the website, their old rooms were not my style but their new rooms were EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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  • This is our reception venue! Everyone I know who've been to a wedding there all have wonderful things to say, so I'm very excited!

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  • We're having our ceremony at Big Spring, which is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri.

    This lodge is currently our top contender for a reception venue, although we strongly considered DIY it.

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