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Recpetion Sites

Need help ladies! Im an MOH in charge of finding reception site. I didn't think it would be this hard. Here's some info- est.150 people, indoor site on westside of Cleveland or Parma, 2 entree buffet style dinner, we will bring our own liquor, do not want to spend more than 35ish pp. Any help would be soooo greatly appreciated.

Re: Recpetion Sites

  • Why aren't the bride and groom finding the reception site?
  • belarusan in strongsville. we are having our august reception there.
  • Have you looked at St. Mary's Crystal Chalet?  It's located in Cleveland/Parma on State Road.  I think they would have just about everything you are looking for.  However, I'm not sure if they let you bring your own alcohol, and I'm not sure what it costs per person.  I photographed a wedding there in September, and it is really pretty, the food was good, and the staff seemed easy to get along with.  Also, Wagner's Country Inn in Westlake is really nice (pretty, good food, reasonably priced).  But it may be out a little further west than you want to go?  I hope this helps.

  • Another rec. for the Belarusan American Community Center in Strongsville. We had our reception there and loved it. It's a very nice facility and within your price range.
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  • Mihaud's in Strongsville, they were wonderful, reasonably priced and you bring in your own alcohol.
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  • Another vote for Michaud's, it worked out great for us and great prices.
  • This is exactly what we were looking for! Check out Ahern's (http://www.aherncatering.com/ahernsbanquet.html) and Fountain Bleau (http://www.clevelandcatering.com/fountain-bleau-hall.html). They are both very close in price but have a slightly different feel to them. Good luck! 
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