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flip flops?

Hey girls! I'm debating getting flip flops for guests to use at the reception. For those of you how did this, was it worth it? Where were people able to find cheap flip flops? How many did people have and in what size selection? Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: flip flops?

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    I have been thinking about the same thing!! I just ordered some online sunday night from oldnavy.  I got a great deal so I just did it.  I got 9 pairs of each size, 6,7,8 for $26. less than a $1 a piece!!  Not sure on how many in what size though, I just guessed.

  • lemon912lemon912 member
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    We did this for my SIL's wedding and it was a huge hit. They were ALL gone by the end of the night. We mostly got sizes 6,7 & 8 but got a few smaller (there were quite a few kids) and a couple 9's. I think she had about 20 total and got them all from old navy when they were having a 2 for $5 sale.
  • tpender13tpender13 member
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    Honestly, I think it would be a waste of money. But only because I know that my feet hurt after wearing heels for awhile, so I always bring something different to slip on if I'm going to a wedding where I'll be dancing. But I think if you can find a good deal someplace and you're not trying to provide them to ALL of your guests, then go for it!
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    Where did you find such a good deal? I looked online and couldn't find any so cheap...that is an awesome deal you got!!
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    I'm doing this for my BMs and I found some great deals on Amazon!
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    I got a deal over the weekend, some sort of cyber sunday/monday deal i think.  I know when spring comes old navy always has a day when flip flops are $1. you might want to look for that around april
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