In Need of Hair & Makeup Recommendations

I'll start by saying that I looked in the recommendation post at the top of the page already - there are only 2 viable web addresses; one is WAY too far from me, and the other is ridiculously expensive. I refuse to pay $400+ (someone please tell me I'm not alone!) for hair & makeup.

With that said, any recommendations for hair & makeup in the Boulder area, or someone who is willing to travel to the Boulder area? Our wedding is at 10 AM; I have to be ready & on my way to Boulder for pictures at 8:00 AM. I'd really like to find someone who will come to my home in Erie, and whose price includes a trial run. I'd like to think that asking to spend around $200 (for just me) isn't asking too much.

I don't have a regular stylist who cuts my hair, as I'm fairly new to town and I've been salon-hopping trying to find someone I like to cut it. Does anyone have a great girl or guy at their regular salon, or just a great salon, that they would recommend to do a wedding? Any help is majorly appreciated!!

Re: In Need of Hair & Makeup Recommendations

  • Check out Liz was super nice, talented and affordable! Loved her! Plus she'd come to you..
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  • Thanks for the suggestion Heywhitney, but according to Liz's website I am looking at paying at least $350 for her services, which I just can't afford. I really appreciate the reply, though! Smile
  • do you have a friend or family member who is really good with make up and hair?

    i think that would save tons of money, because i know most the cost is time, not the actual make-up

    if you are able to do those things by yourself or have a family member, you could cut way down on cost


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  • Hi there,
    You may look into some of the local beauty colleges.  Maybe a student who is almost finished with training would be able to do a good job and cut a deal for you.  Just a suggestion.
  • I am going to Ulta $30 for makeup and $50-$60 for hair. Good deal everyone is talented.
  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up calling around salons here in Boulder and booked a trial with Theresa at Voodoo Hair Lounge. She did the most ridiculously gorgeous updo on me. I love it! She is charging me $125 for hair & makeup on the day of. Not too bad!
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