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AW: Thursday!

Can you believe it another week flew right by....time is crunching away for some! Wedding season is here and some of you will be taking the walk down the aisle in 2 wks or so....Laughing

Lets all share what we have been up to....

-STD postcards came in the mail, I've addressed them!
-Waiting "patiently" for the Alice in Wonderland Stamps....I wonder if the mail man came already Undecided
-Macy's is having some type of register party tonight so we are going to that to register!
-Working on our wedding website.
-We actually had a "budget meeting" with FI and sat & talked about how much $ we've spent...eeek!
-OH! Having a birdcage made (I tried DYI...I'm not craftyCry) she said she would make 3 and I could pick what I want or modify it.

I think that's it!

Re: AW: Thursday!

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    You and your Aw thursday LoL

    I like it because it gives me a good kick in the butt. The good thing is I actually have stuff to put on here. YES(fist pump)

    1. Printed all the STD's and just need to gather all the addresses.

    2. Ordered new STD magnets because of the misspelling so I will send STD"s once they come in.

    3. started the memory candles. Did one just to make sure everything looked good. 3 more to go.

    4.Got everything for cocktail table centerpeices. Candles, vases, ribbon, just need the coffee beans

    5. Got the frames for the table #'s

    6. Last but not least I GOT MY SHOES!!! YAY

    Lets hear it ladies
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    Wow! You both are busy!
    I have a longs ways a head BUT this week i've

    1. Booked our Engagement photos for August

    2. Sign up for the gym... and threw away a lot of junk food from our cabnets

    3.  Picked an engagement dress for our party! :D

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    My first shower is on Sunday woohoo!! And we are going to pick up my band and order his, which means I get to have my ring cleaned :)

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    Oh boy what have I done this week - not much only easy stuff:
     - brought candles for GB/Escort/Cake/Gift tables
     - brought a cute glass bird house I'm going to use for our card box
     - got everything for my semi DIY cake plate
     - ordered ribbon for favors
     - ordered bags for favors
    that is all I can remember.
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    I have not done a whole lot of big stuff this week, mostly llttle stuff.

    -Set a meeting with my DOC in April to go over decor, etc ideas.
    -Finished collecting all of the addresses for invitations
    -Picked out FI's wedding band (but he still needs to get his finger sized)
    -Got banquet menu from rehearsal dinner restaurant, to send to FMIL
    -Ordered flower girl dress (it's from j.crew's everyday kids collection, not a "flower girl dress", and is super cute! I can't wait to see her in it!), had it shipped to flower girl's house directly.
    - Found someone on etsy to make ties for the wedding party, using fabric that I got at Michael Levine in the garment district.
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    Fi has been super productive!

    - *thisclose* to booking ceremony and cocktail hour musicians
    - meeting with a DJ tomorrow night
    - STDs are out
    - hashing out details with a cake baker
    - booked a DOC!
    - just confirmed and sent in the contract for our guest shuttle

    Coming up soon - florist meeting, confirming times, booking RD, ordering invitations.
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    1.  My Fi's ring arrived safe and sound--it looks so shiny!
    2. I had my final dress fitting this week. I am absolutely amazed by how good it looks on me and how it feels.  The fit is perfect, not too loose, not too snug--but just right.
    3. I dropped my dress off to be cleaned the same day.
    4. I found the perfect silk flowers for my pew arrangements.
    5. Mailed out MORE invitations.
    6. Finally got a chance to see a few of my guests and get a feel for it they are coming or not.
    7.  Found place on the internet to get cheap pew clips(WAY cheaper than Michaels).  It saved me like $60!
    8.  Worked on our pew decorations.
    9. Met with the church coordinator and figured out some details that needed to be set.
    10.  Decided on one of our scripture readings.  Two more to go: the epistle lesson and the Gospel.
    11.  Finally found and bought all the silk peony bushes that I will use to make chair-sash claps for the chairs at my reception.
    12.  Approved proofs for our Gobo projection from our DJ/Lighting person.

    That's it from here :)
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