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Colorado Springs Brides..chime in please!

Does anyone know much about ths Wedding Companies place?  We ae thinking about looking at it, but want some other people's opinions first. Thank you ladies!!

Re: Colorado Springs Brides..chime in please!

  • HBookmanHBookman member
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    edited December 2011
    While I don't live in the Springs (up in FoCo for school), we had our wedding there and have lots of family there. I have not heard of this company before, so I googled it. I have not heard of any of the specific vendors listed on their website, but that doesn't mean they may not do quality work. I would be worried that they might be more expensive than other vendors if they have to pay to lease their space with this company or be part of this conglomerate company.

    I booked almost all of our vendors (everything but the venue and officiant) based on recommendations from brides on these boards. If you're looking for specific vendors, definitely ask and you'll get some great references!
  • lyssabethslyssabeths member
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    I've been a wedding officiant in CO Springs for 8 years and I've never heard of the Wedding Companies. And yes, it's true that the more a wedding vendor pays for marketing and overhead, the higher their prices will be. However, having said that, you don't want price to be your only factor in choosing your wedding vendors. This is one of those times where almost invariably you get what you pay for.

    I agree that word of mouth referrals from other brides is the best way to go. Also check out reviews from brides on sites like Wedding Wire. You can certainly visit with some of the Wedding Companies vendors for comparative purposes. However, I'd be a bit leary of "one stop shopping". You want to hire people who are experts in thier particular area (catering, officiating, photography, etc.) and not simply someone who wears a lot of hats and is cheap.

    If you've already selected your wedding venue, they will be a great resource in referring other vendors. Venues stake their reputations on the quality of vendors that they refer, so they won't point you in the wrong direction. Be sure, however, that the venue's list of preferred vendors is NOT a paid listing (as in the vendors must pay to be listed). This is nothing but pure advertising.

    Hope that helps.

    Maureen Thomson
    Lyssabeth's Colorado Springs Wedding Officiants
  • smmantheysmmanthey member
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    I went a bridal show here.  I arrived half an hour after it had started and they weren't set up yet.  I walked into brides upset about wearing dresses and vendors borrowing peoples wives and friends to sit and hold food, flowers or wear a gown.  The food vendors were very nice but didn't offer the kind of food I was expecting.  It was a lot of Italian food and very greasy.  The venue was a neat place if you needed one stop shopping but it was very small.  Just not what I was expecting or looking for.  I would recommend looking elsewhere. 
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