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Dress shopping: Fantastic Finds, Beckers or other?

Hello Ladies!  I have only a few short months to get a dress for my Feb wedding.  Which place is most recommended?  Beckers Bridal, Fantastic FInds Bridal or somewhere else.  Budget is about $800.  Thanks!Laughing

Re: Dress shopping: Fantastic Finds, Beckers or other?

  • melissa826melissa826 member
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    I know a few people who really liked Beckers.  I bought mine at Cutlerville Bridal, but she is going out of business so I'm not sure how many dresses she has left.♠
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  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Actually, I scored at David's Bridal's $99 gown sale. It's worth checking it out, if one comes up in the next few months. I walked out the door with my dress.
  • gailpetegailpete member
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    My DD preferred Becker's over Fantastic Finds.  She ended up getting her dress at Becker's.
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    Dont waste your time with fantastic finds. Lots of high price tags and snooty helpers.
    I got my dress at Letts Bridal, and it was a great experience...plus you are sure to find something unique and probaby cheaper than you thought!
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    I got mine at David's Bridal and am really happy with it.
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  • FutureMVMFutureMVM member
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    I got mine at Bridal Elegance. They have a pretty good selection and offer a TON of discounts. I would definately recommend them, just make sure you have an appointment.
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    I got mind at Fantastic Finds, but their prices are probbaly a little higher then you want to go.
  • jeniharrisjeniharris member
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    I hear that Beckers is the best, but you can also get at $1300 dress online at DHTrade for $160 and they make it to your specifications. It takes about 3 weeks to come in but well worth it seeing as how you will only wear it once. It's just like the difference between a real Coach purse and a fake. Same thing and can't tell the difference. Just go to the website and type in the designer and style and they come up.
  • shrades77shrades77 member
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    I have heard horrible things about these people that make clones of real dresses...dress comes in and looks cheap, doesn't look like it should, etc.  Be VERY careful if you decide to go this route....
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    I hated Beckers.  The lady who was "helping" me did nothing.  My dad carried all the dresses for me, my sister did all the zipping, lacing, buttoning, etc...the helper barely even stopped by to see how it was going.  Also, the dresses were in terrible shape, some missing laces, panels, etc.  I wouldn't have gone out there if I had known. 

    I bought mine at Fantastic Finds and had a gerat experience, as did my sister when she got married.  I know they can be pricey (we found both mine and my sister's for about $800-900) and it's annoying that they wouldn't tell you the designer, but I am really glad that I went with them.  The whole dress shopping experience was far better there. 

    Lett's seemed okay, though I was only there for BM dresses. 
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    I got my dress, my mob's dress and will more than likely get my bridesmaid dresses at The Wedding Bell in Okemos! I absolutely LOVED my experience there, and actually didn't even go anywhere else! The service was amazing, and I have heard nothing but great things about their alterations department!

    Hope this helps, and remember to have fun on that day and to wear what you are comfortable in not what other people want you in! :)
  • ktstanktstan member
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    I love love love Becker's. I went in with only a small suggestion of what I wanted and they pulled my dress right away. Plus, my bridesmaids get 10% off their dresses since I got mine there :)
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