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Brazilian Bikini Wax..?

Hi girls,

So I've never done this and want to do this for the big day. Any recommendations in the South Shore area? I am super nervous about it. Anyone done it? Should I do one way before the big day to see how it goes first?
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Re: Brazilian Bikini Wax..?

  • I don't have any recs for the South Shore (I go to Bliss Spa at the W), but *definitely* get one done before hand so you can get used to the procedure.
  • Check out Elizabeth Grady.  They do a great job and usually have specials.
  • Bella Skin in Newton... They use hard wax, which is supposed to hurt less (vs the strips). However, I've had hard wax and strips done at other places and Bella Skin always does the best job and is the least pain.  It's worth the hike - It's about a half hour from me but I still won't go anywhere else.  

    Wherever you go, just don't schedule it right before your period, and take 2 aspirin before your appointment.
  • I dont have reccomendations for the S.Shore... BUT definely go a first time well in advance, I'd suggest a few months in advance so you can decide if you like it and do a couple before the big day. The more you go the more your skin will adjust and be less irritable when you do it for the big day. The hair will grow back thinner an slower each time too. I'm scheduling mine for a week or so before the day so my skin has a few days. I am a huge supporter of the brazilian.... no one wants to worry about shaving an razor burn on their honey moon!
  • Glow in Braintree!
  • so worth the pain and yes 2 aspirin before hand. And don't worry that you are hanging out with all your goods exposed. They see it all. When I say pain its only when the wax comes off, after it's fine. Good luck 
  • I did this and started the process 2 months before my honeymoon. It hurts but is worth it. The first time was the worst but it gets more tolerable each time you go and it does go from course to fine. His reaction was totally worth it!  Abollen is right on with the asprin! I recommend a strong drink afterwards. good luck!
  • living social is having a deal on brazilian waxes just an fyi
  • See Lani at Savoy Day Spa in Canton, MA! Amazing...and gentle! I have been to other places...one place had to STOP because I couldn't continue! My body literally SHUT DOWN and went into SHOCK! I was no where close to be done either...I ALWAYS go to her...and once, she left to go some place else...I followed her! I LOVE HER!
    You have my WHOLE heart for my WHOLE life!
  • Allure Spa, In Quincy.  See Kathleen.  My sister and I have been seeing her for years, she's great!! 
  • I just had my first one I went to european was center they have a special off for the first wasing. I don't know if you have one on the south shore but It is worth it!! good luck
  • I like the Elizabeth Grady on Newbury St, but I'm almost positive they have a S Shore location as well. I've been to several different aestheticians and all are good and make you feel as comfortable as you can, what with all your parts exposed. 

    I will also agree with the recommendation that you do it for a few months in advance. It lasts longer and is less painful each time. For the first one, make sure you let everything grow out to the appropriate length-- maybe ask when you call to schedule for a guideline. 
  • Definitely start getting them before the wedding so you can get used to the process. A great place to go is Bella Sante in Wellesley and ask for Lauren. That's me ;-)
  • I am agree with you .It is really painful...........
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