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PEC Brides!!!!!! Help.

Hello PEC Brides,

 I know Profile Event center made quite a few changes  with their policy , but I was wondering if I'm the only one in this boat.

From what we understood when we first spoke with Heather  about the food minimun ,  If the cake is ordered through Buttercream ( which is their prefer vendor ) , it will be included in the minimum required and it won't be any  cake cutting fee.

This morning while talking to her about it , she said never said  that , and that we will have to pay all the dollars due to Buttercream ..And that does not have anything to do with their minimum ...The thing , is we even spoke with Buttercream ( one of their staffs ) first time , we went tasting , and the lady  agreed with us that , that 's how they work with PEC... I think we even had on a paper ,what will have to pay them , since PEC will deduct the cake price in our payment ...and that was just for the ribon and the fountain , we wanted to use .

Anyone has a thiought about this ?

Thank you for your responses

Re: PEC Brides!!!!!! Help.

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    Hm... do you have your original contract?  I guess I thought the cake was part of the minimum, but when we spoke to her originally, they had an in-house baker instead of Buttercream?  I'm not sure, though, because we're bringing in our own cake.
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    I am not 100% sure, but I do know that the cake cost from Buttercream does get added to the PEC bill, we do not pay Buttercream.  I assumed it would be deducted, but haven't really thought about it because we will meet our food minimum with dinner and apps alone.  Let me know what happens.
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    That's such a strange story... I feel bad you ran into problems!  I've never had anything but a wonderful experience with Heather.  When is your wedding? I know the minimum is $5,000 for Saturday in off-season, but $7,500 for peak (May-October?) so maybe that was some of the confusion.

    FWIW, I'm almost positive Heather told us all of the add-ons (decorations, DJ, etc.) would count toward the minimum? Just email her again to confirm.

    Hope everything works out for you!
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    So , We booked our date yesterday !!!!!! We somehow came up to an agreement .. Though we ended up  booking the date with only food and beverage to meet the minimum , we 're still happy , because we love the place and we thought that 's what matters the most.... Thank you all for your inputs. 

    Do (any of) you know , how I can delete this post ? I tried but with no succes for the whole thing :( I actually don't want any bride-to be ,interested in the PEC to make her decision , based on my post . 

    Thank you and Happy Planning !!!!
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