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Air Brush Tanning?

I've avoided tan lines all year and now with the wedding 3 weeks away I have some strap lines across my shoulders from a dress I wore to a wedding Saturday and a bit from Sunday as well in different spots.

I'm wondering if anyone has done the airbrush tanning where someone personally brushes you to get rid of any tan lines. If you've done so, where did you go? Did you like it? Did you turn orange or was it a nice color. I'm also looking for light, I don't want to be super dark but nor do I want to be orange. 

Did you notice any coming off on your clothes/dress. How long did it last? 

Im hoping I have enough time to try it out once then get it done again before the wedding itself. 

The only one I know had a mystic booth tan done and she said it came off on her dress horribly. 

Re: Air Brush Tanning?

  • I've had someone airbrush me and it came out ok... Kind of too dark though but it does fade quickly. Also should add i did all over not just to remove tan lines, but i think it would be really difficult for it to look good if you did your tan lines. What I'd suggest is either Hollywood Tans or use a regular tanning bed. Hollywood Tans has light, medium, and dark spray tan options. I'd start off with the light as a test run. Let me know if you have any questions. HTH!
  • I forgot to add... Did not notice any color transferring on clothes anytime ive had spray tan, but I always wear dark clothes at least until I get a shower the next morning. You are supposed to wait at least 8 hours to shower and your color will always look much darker until you do shower.
  • I planned to have her do my whole body, just wanted her to blend in the lines :) Ive been doing regular tanning beds to have a bit of a glow and stay even, trouble is was at an outdoor wedding and now I have lines from my dress.

    I assumed that if I continued to tan, the paler areas would get darker...but then the darker areas would get darker too ie tan lines wouldn't just vanish from the beds. 
  • I have used Heather at Sweet Soleil before in Bethel Park. She did a really good job and it was not orange. She uses a clear formula, so it should not rub of on clothing. I've also gone to Studio Booth in Shadyside/East Liberty and they use the same machine as Heather, but I did not like it there. Heather did a MUCH better job.

    If you're going to go the airbrush route, get it hand applied. The booths will do nothing but turn you orange and there's a learning curve to them. 

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  • I went to Hollywood Tans many years ago before prom and had poor results.  Back then it was a machine, not a human, so I was speckled (don't know how it is now).  For my friend's wedding in November I went to JuditSpa on Carson St in SS .  I went Thursday, and by ST I was a nice muted tan...and only 25$
  • I went to a place and the experience was pleasant, just had it done today so we'll see what it looks like...as of right now I don't love it. I can still see tan lines but the rest of me is a bit darker, no streaks and its even...but I'm lightly tan, I dont want to be tanner I just want my lines blended. Might try another place if they don't blend in over the next day or so. The tech didn't really seem to try to blend them in that I noticed, she did everything the same number of times..

    If I didn't have tan lines I'm sure Id be happy if I just wanted a nice all over tan. 
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