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Getting in Shape

sweating in places

I've never sweat before. WTH? Lol last year working out I didn't sweat in my crotch area but now I am. There is no odor just sweat all over my pants when working out. I mean im not too embarrassed about it but geeze what's that about? We all sweat but now im even sweating in.my hair face back. Never been like this before. Is there something i can do for the crotch sweating? Have an appointment with gyno Thursday but I wanted so info sooner.
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Re: sweating in places

  • I wouldn't worry - I look like I just climbed out of a pool (while wearing my clothes) after I run so much as 3 miles in the summer; shirt, shorts or 3/4 length pants, hat brim, even my shoes are literally dripping by the time I'm done! If it's hot, humid, or you've kicked up the inensity, it's normal.  Otherwise, maybe just physiological/metabolic change.  All said, pretty normal.
  • Have you changed your diet or medications? Certain meds that I get stuck on a few times a year make me sweat profusely. Have you upped the intensity or extended the workouts?

    As the PP said this is all pretty normal.
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  • Also, it's often true that the more "in shape" you become, the more you sweat. 
  • Yeah it could be this birth control but I've been on it for a year now. But i have been working out alot more and changed my diet.
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  • The only thing you can really do is wear black pants to the gym.

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  • I sweat EVERYWHERE.  I invested in dry fit pants.  No one can see.  However last week they were all dirty so I had to wear regular yoga pants.  It was so embarrassing.
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