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How many people ACTUALLY RSVP'd to your wedding?

We are planning our wedding reception dinner in for 150 guests. There are just over 200 guests on our list... We are trying to cut down the list, but I've been noticing on other blogs that approximately 20-30% won't show up. should i count on that estimate??? or should i understate the guest list??? mind you, my fiance has a HUGE family, and they are all right here. i, on the other hand do not, and all of my family lives out of town, even in another country! i spoke with a wedding planner who said no one in new mexico rsvp's and they always bring extra people with them. she has over 15 years experience... how true is this? did people not rsvp, then show up anyway? or did you get a decent amount of rsvp's?

Re: How many people ACTUALLY RSVP'd to your wedding?

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    Well I can sort of help you with this question. My RSVP deadline is tomorrow and we have only heard from about 60% of our guests. We are going to be pushy and start calling people next weekend so I can update you then. But as of today we are at 97% attendance. We had about 12 people say no and like 10 add ons we didn't specifically invite (my mom can't say no to anyone!). 

    You just never know how RSVPs will go! From what I have heard from the girls on my month board and my experience a good chunk of people won't RSVP and guests will add on extra people. (Although you can call and tell them they can't bring extras). You can't know how many guests will come, I have heard of 50% to over 100% (80 is a good guide).  When you budget assume everyone will come and when you send out invites be ready for people to not cooperate! But have tons of fun and good luck! 
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    I think it depends on what part of New Mexico you're in. In some places (more specifically the smaller towns closest to the border) RSVP's are fairly new and a lot of people don't like the idea. Therefore, a lot of them won't follow the etiquette guidelines (same goes for registries). I know that's how it is where I'm from. And although I'm from AZ, its very close to the NM border. I would just send out RSVP cards and hope that most of your guest will reply. And yes, it is true that some people bring others along, and those people may or may NOT know you or your fiance. So I would call those that didn't reply to ask if they are coming. If they are ask for a headcount. Explain that you need an EXACT number to give your caterer. (I did the calling for a friend's wedding and people gave me estimates) I hope this helps. Good luck!
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    we invited 160 people, 145 rsvp'd and we had to hunt down the last 15 (ppl) rsvps for a final count of 125 people and about 120 came to the wedding
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    thanks for the helpful information! terah, thanks for the numbers, that's about how many we are inviting to our wedding! and crongrats! :)
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