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DIY Flowers: XP

Ok ladies! I thought I had this all planned out, I have my list of how many flowers I will need, I know what time I have to head down to the Flower District, but panic has started to set in. I am starting to worry about storing the flowers from Friday to Saturday and if they are going to wilt or look horrible! Does anyone have any tips for this? All I am getting is roses. I've read about keeping them in buckets with cold sugar water and keeping them in the AC. I'm planning on hand tied bouquets, so can I do those the day before and put them in a vase overnight? I'm so confused and worried!!! HELP!

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Re: DIY Flowers: XP

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Breathe.  It will all be fine.

    I used to work at a florist and sometimes (especially around V-day) we would leave buckets roses out in the open store because our fridge just would not hold them all.

    Flowers need time to process and soak up the water that you are placing them in so leaving them out (not in a cool climiate) is completely fine.  Also, do not use really cold water because this will slow the drinking process of the flower...think of it this way, if you jumped into a freezing cold pool you would tense up, but if you jumped into a luke warm pool you would relax...that is exactly what a flower does, so make sure the water is about room temperature or slightly cooler.

    As for your hand tied bouquets.  Make them the day before but instead of cutting the stems short, leave them long so you can keep them in buckets rather then a tight vase.  The next morning simply clip the stems to the length you would like and then place in a vase for the time being.

    As for when you pick the flowers up, remember to unwrap them from their packaging, remove thorns and all foliage 2/3 of the way down the stem (you don't want any foliage sitting in water), and since you probably don't have a floral knife and it can be dangerous to use one without knowing what you are doing, make sure to have a very sharp pair of shears to cut the stems of the roses at an angle.  And as long as you have the A/C on in your house, you don't have to worry about the flowers wilting.

  • that was REALLY helpful!! Thank you so much!!!!
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  • Ditto everything Maggie said. 

    For bouts and corsages I kept them in the fridge in baggies.
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  • so the home fridge is ok to use?

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  • You are right to keep them in water and in a cool place.  Think about flowers you get from a floral shop.  They stay in your home for weeks sometimes, and in warmers temps. Make sure to recut them once you have them home.  You should be fine.  You are ambitious.  ;)
  • thanks kmclean29!! the only reason i'm going forward with the DIY route is because the friend that's helping me did her step daughters wedding. plus i'm sticking mainly with one flower!
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