Chanteclaire Farm - Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

I am newly engaged, just two weeks and OVERWHELMED with venue selection and dates on a budget! We are paying for everything, but do want a day of celebration with all our friends and family. We live in the DC metro area and the costs here are outrageous so we are looking toward the Deep Creek Lake area because we love the rustic feel and costs are significantly less outside of the city. Has anyone had their wedding at Chanteclaire Farm or attended a wedding there? Thanks for any comments you have!

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    No but I would have if I was OK with all 150 of my guests driving 3 hours lol... Ive seen pictures and it's so pretty.  I Love the area, my family is very involved with New Germany State Park and we have a 40 acre farm thats been passed down where the extended fam goes camping.
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    Gorgeous place! Check out Engedi Estate in Emmittsburg. I have an appointment there on Monday. 
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  • We're getting married at Shade Trees and Evergreens in Frederick, it's outdoors, with a covered pavillion.  Check out their Facebook page, lots more pictures than on their website.  They are completely booked for 2012 though, so you'd have to look at 2013.  Good luck with your planning!
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