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Step-Father/Daughter Dance

I am really close with my dad. When my mom got remarried i wanted nothing to do with my step-father. After 20 years, moving out and looking back he did more for me then i realize. I have found sooo many songs that fit my dad and i but i am not finding anything for my step-father and i. I've had people tell me just dance with your dad, the thing is i can't because he has been there most of my life. Other people have said dance half a song with dad and the other half with him. I can't do that to my dad...i am his only daughter; my step-father has another daughter.

i was actually think of dancing with my step-father and having my little sister cut in about half (or more) way in the song. still the problem is i have no clue what song.

i do not like "he doesnt have to be" by brad doesnt fit wedding to me. i was thinking "then they do" by trace adkins, but im not that big on that one either...

any one help?!

Re: Step-Father/Daughter Dance

  • Sami MaeSami Mae member
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    I am having a similar issue with my step-father. Only with mine, he is the one that doesn't want to take the spotlight away from my dad. I feel the same way you do though, that he has played a big part in my life and I would like to share a special moment with him.
    If you don't have any special songs that mean something to the two of you, I would just grab him during a slow song and dance along with all the other guests. It doesn't have to be a spotlight song for the two of you. But make sure that while you're dancing that you thank him for being a special part of your life and that you think of him as a father.
    Good luck!
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    I don't have a step-father, but I knew I didn't want one of the traditional "father-daughter" dance songs written about weddings (you know, along the lines of "Butterfly Kisses").  You should probably reserve songs like that for your dad.  I found that "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart is a perfect song for my dad and me, and as it's a bit non-traditional, it may work for your step-dad without taking the spotlight off your father.  Best wishes!
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    I like ths song "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill for my step~father and I. Its fits us very well... maybe you will think the same about it for you guys!
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    I'm dancing with my step father to "My Wish" by Rascall Flatts
  • sajobar102808sajobar102808 member
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    My situation is the same as yours, (close to my dad and just recently realized all my step dad did for me). My step dad and I aren't that close emotionally yet or have much in common, but the 1 thing we do have in common are "The Carpenters" we would listen to them together all the time, I suggested to him that he pick out a Carpenter song that we both liked together for us to dance to. It won't be mushy or anything just something between us that we both like and so that he feels included.
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