Black Swan Country Club, Georgetown MA

I have been looking at venues for quite some time now and have found the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown to be very nice and affordable. Has anyone had or been to a wedding there? If so, what did you think of the venue and how much did it end up costing you to do the whole thing? I want a nice wedding... i just cant see spending so much money for one day (trying to do it all for a reasonable price)


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    im sorry for the lack of capital letters and proper English.  my phone and the knot are not friends.  black swan was one of our top four.  we looked at black swan, andover country club, castleton, and indian ridge.  we chose castleton based on it included a lot and cost was the best we found of all of them.  loved indian ridge but we couldn't have a ceremony on site.  loved the grounds and gardens of andover country club but not the rooms or strange dance floor placements.  black swan was beautiful but the price came out much higher than castleton when you added in taxes and we weren't crazy about the ceremony area. castleton won due to the amount of photo ops there was, were told the lobby is going to be redone by Feb, and taxes help go towards the minimum which pretty much sold us.  we have it to ourselves since we booked three quarters of the hall.  .
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    I chose Black Swan for my wedding!!! April 2013...seems so far away. It is a great price and I know two people who were married there and had amazing weddings!! Hope this helps. Good luck!!
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    I looked at Black Swan, and fell in love.  There were only two minor reasons we did not go with this venue.  first was because it was about 35 minutes from our ceremony location, which we thought was too long for the older crowd) and second was the shape of the dance floor.  I know that sounds crazy but it was longer than wide, just seemed like people would be too far away.  anyways....

    We went to a wedding there two weeks ago.  Food was Excellent.... staff was great and the scenery is beautiful.  
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