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Wedding Wednesday QOTD

What's the one thing that surprised you most about planning a wedding?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday QOTD

  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    The cost of flowers from a florist. Good heavens. However, I was very relieved that the Kroger price was about 10 percent the price of the "stand alone" florist, and the flowers were just as nice.
  • How overwhelmed I became through the entire process of wedding planning. There was so much to get done in 10months and I got so overwhelmed that I ended up turning a bit Bridezilla untentionally. Sorry I know it's a bit cofessional but it's definitely what surprised me the most.
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  • i thought i'd always be busy with wedding stuff but months have passed where i literally have nothing to do.

  • I always thought- oh I'll never be that bride who says, I wish I had just eloped! That I would enjoy every minute. But oh no, I am so that bride! I'm so over the wedding planning. I just wish we had gone with something tiny and easy and affordable because I'm kinda over it. I know I'll be way more excited come next spring, but right now there isn't much left to do and it's just a sit and wait. Blah! I just want to be married!
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  • How many little details there would be. I never had a dream wedding growing up, nor did I plan on having one now. When FI proposed I suggested Vegas... once he made clear he wanted a full wedding I started into the planning world with NO idea what I was getting into (I found my hair dresser a week ago... lol)
  • How sick of it I would get. On the wedding day I didn't even remember what the flowers were supposed to look like because by the time we got to the florist I was so over planning that I told her to do whatever she wanted. My mom ended up picking them. We were just really, really, sick of it. The wedding weekend was really overwhelming too. We had to sneak off just to get a minute alone and get some sanity back! 
  • How important the giant, traditional weddin was to my husband.  I wanted to elope but he didn't.  He wanted the big traditional wedding.  That really surprised me, because everyone always says how guys don't care about the wedding.  Well, mine did!  In fact, he took care of details while I traveled Europe for 3 weeks 6 months before our wedding!
  • How stressed out I would get. Some parts of wedding planning were fun, but towards the end I just wanted it to be over. When June hit I remember thinking "Why did I pick the end of the month?" I was just ready to be married by that point.
  • How OVER IT I would be by the end of the planning stages.  And how much I would look back afterwards and wish we had eloped or had like a 10-person chapel ceremony and put the rest of the money to good use.  To be fair, as some of you here probably remember, a LOT went wrong at my wedding, so I especially feel like I would have been better off eloping.
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  • How much I've hated just about everything about it ... I actually get tired of people asking me how planning is going because I just wanna scream.. Who ever said it was fun just needs to be shot ...
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  • I was most shocked by how in sync DH and I were about just about everything in the process. We never ever had any real disagreements, and if I was ever clueless about something, he always helped brainstorm a solution. 
  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    Everyone's freakin' opinions on what a "real" wedding is. Good LORD.
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  • Haha I'm the opposite of you girls. I LOVED planning my wedding. I even thought about going into wedding planning as a career but the money wasn't what I thought it would be when I researched it. 

    The thing that surprised me about planning my wedding was that I didn't need half the stuff I thought I would. I made an emergency kit for the day of and stocked my new wedding purse with stuff I thought I'd need too. Neither bag ever even made it out of the bridal suite. Haha.
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