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How long is your video???

I am not sure what I expected in terms of videography, but I am shocked that most videographers I have talked to charge anywhere from 1500-3000 to come to your wedding for the day and give you a finished product of a 3-7min. highlight video. Is this highlight video the standard?? How long of a video did you all get?  I was expecting something a lot longer! Also, after the fact what are your thoughts on having a videographer? Waste of money, so glad you did it??? Thanks!

Re: How long is your video???

  • We paid 1000 for ours, but they were just starting out and have already raised their prices.
    We got a one minute preview one week after the wedding
    We got a 7 minute highlight video 1-2 months after the wedding
    And 4 months later (maybe sooner, I can't remember) we got an hour long video.

    I have no idea what's normal, but that's what we got.
  • Oh, I guess I should add that it was so so so worth it. I can't imagine not being able to watch my ceremony again, or never being able to see our flower girls walking down the aisle, as I was behind the door.
  • I paid 2500 and I believe ours is only 15-25 mins long.. But I def agree with cwagg, I am so excited to have this for the rest of our lives!
  • Ahhhh I do not want to regret not getting it, but it just seems so so so expensive. We already paid 3000 for a photographer. Ugh. Weddings are so expensive. 
  • Tonya729Tonya729 member
    edited December 2012
    Weddings are sooo expensive...but if this helps any, I have had several ppl tell me how much they have wished they had gotten a videographer. I even had someone tell me they would have skimped on there pictures. Can u maybe lower your package with the photographer?
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