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    I work in entertainment and that is done quite often in this business, by actors and producers, along with many other professions I'm sure.  I don't know if there is anything additional that you would need to do.  I think it might depend on your workplace and their policies.  You change your W2 to reflect your new name but have everyone continue to call you by your maiden name...
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    I'm changing my professionally and want legally but I don't know if it will be possible(long story not important).  
    However, I don't see why you cannot keep you maiden name as a teacher.  There are about 3 teachers at my school that have their husband's last name legally but have kept their maiden names.  I'd assume it would be up to you to keep on the school about changing it from what's in the computer (ie paperwork) to what you desire.  
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    I changed mine to first name, maiden name as middle name, his last name. Its less complicated for me because there is no hyphen, and technically I still have both names so I pick and choose when I use which ones. Officially and legally I use all three, but at work, I am also a teacher, I still just go by old name.
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    also a teacher here....i plan on changing my name...but i know it will take a few years before people stop calling me my maiden name.
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