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Engagement photos. What should they look like?

I'm planning on doing engagement photos but not sure what they should look like? I really would just love a nice picture of us together. But every photographer I've talked to said we can do pictures of the rings or your hand on his shoulder to get the ring. I don't want that I want us. But not sure about poses and stuff? Can you guys post some of your pictures? Or links? thanks. :)

Re: Engagement photos. What should they look like?

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    I have not gotten my engagement pics done, yet.  I am sure that you can let your photographer know that you want photographs of the two of you and they will be able to get shots that you like.   Pick a place that is special to the both of you that may be easier for you decide what kinds of pics you would like to get. I typed 'engagement photo poses' into google and a lot of images and links came up.  Try this it may give you some options. 
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    We are having our engagement photos done this fall (for a Summer 2012 wedding).  Our photographers told us to pick 2 different locations and we'd just go with the flow.
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    You can check out our photographers - they have a bunch of e-pics on their blog.
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    Does your photographer have a portfolio online you could paruse?  Why did  you choose this particular photographer (what is his/her style?).  You don't have to do any ring photos in your epics at all.  I only had one ring picture in ours.  You can do simple photos of the two of you in a lovely place in your hometown, or you can do a "theme" sort of session.  When we had our engagement photos we did a little bit of both.  We had just moved to the town we're now living in, and did a set of vintage-inspired photos.  Here's our link.
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